Google reminds us that the Android Wear update will come to all watches

Yes, little Gear Live and G Watch, there is a Santa Claus

There's been some talk about the upcoming Android Wear update the past few days, and Google wants to fill us all in on the juicy details. At the Official Google Blog they've posted up a nice synopsis about the update, what it entails, and most importantly reminding us that all Android Wear devices will see it.

That sounds like a good thing, too. Included will be GPS support for watches — like Sony's SmartWatch 3 — that have the required sensor, as well as a method to allow apps to push music to your watch for offline listening via Bluetooth. As a bonus, the API for custom watch faces should be sorted, allowing for more and better user customization.

Officially, the update is slated for "the coming months." We're ready, and you know we'll holler as soon as we know anything new.

Source: Google

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • I was all set for the Moto 360 but now I want GPS in my watch, especially for running and biking. Hopefully Moto comes out with another version soon because the Sony watch doesn't appear that appealing.
  • I guess all the new android wear watches with GPS could be considered generation 1.5?
    Just goes to prove seriously do not buy a first gen tech product..
  • Exactly! Posted via my HTC One M8
  • GPS is gonna be a battery killer, and I'm not wearing these fancy watches while I run 5 miles just to dump bucket loads of rain and sweat on it... I'm sure someone will come out with more rugged sports models eventually tho, something like Sony's but with a raised crown for protection a la LG R. Maybe Casio... Personally I'm good with a $50 Fitbit Zip for run tracking.
  • You don't have to leave it on all the time. As a matter of fact, I only plan to use it when I am running (when it is useful) and leave it off when I am not. Sure, this means I won't get optimal battery life, but I can charge it while I'm showering after my run. This is about having options....
  • Great to no Posted via the Android Central App
  • You guys think that the Asus ZenWatch will receive updates from Google as well with Asus's own software and all?
  • Yes. Those are just apps on top of the OS
  • Perfect - thanks =)
  • No custom software is on any of the Wear devices as such, its just apps. Might make some of the watch faces transferable..
  • Google use the G Watch as the reference so I wouldn't expect otherwise. Its basically a Nexus watch in all but name.
  • They're all Nexus watches in all but name, no watch is running custom software.
  • Of course there emphasizing all devices. They are glad they are not having phone carriers and OEMs getting in the way of updates like they did with Andorid phones. Posted via Android Central App
  • +1 Posted via Android Central App
  • Saving a playlist to my 360 will be enough for me. Be great to leave the phone in the car when at the gym. Or going for a walk. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yeah, well, it's nice that the software update will support GPS, but since almost none of the current Android Wear smartwatches have a GPS radio that won't do current owners much good, will it. Anyone who buys an Android Wear smartwatch now should understand they're spending several hundred bucks on something that will be obsolete in less than a year, regardless of what software updates Google provides.
  • All because it doesn't have GPS? Not everyone is running and not everyone is running w/o their phones. How is this obsolete after one year? It's along the line of fitbit and other GPS trackers. I'm certainly not wearing my 360 to workout in so GPS is pointless. Posted via Android Central App
  • I have the Gear Live and the last thing I could care about is GPS. I have Nav in both my cars and can use my phone for directions or what ever else GPS does if I need it. I purchased the Gear Live because I wanted to experience Android Wear on a 1st Gen device. I knew fully that it would be replaced, most likely, within 6 months... at most. I have a feeling that most of those that purchased the G Watch and Gear Live had a pretty good idea that they would be replaced fairly quickly. Especially those who subscribe to and read this Android Central... a pretty tech savvy group. So no, I didn't expect that my Gear Live would out live me or my kids. It is what it is... a new piece of technology that will be outpaced by newer versions fairly quickly. That said, I will wait a bit before I get my replacement for the Gear Live. I would like to see what comes down the road, and by whom, maybe a year from now. When you have people like Swatch (the worlds largest watch company) jumping into the game their may be some very interesting designs coming out. In the meantime, the Gear Live will get all the updates that Google has to offer prior to killing off support for the 1st Gen models. But don't assume that just because someone purchased the G Watch or Gear Live they are numb to the fact that they will be leapfrogged in the near future. For me, I could care less.
  • Is it polite to ask what the Tizen update path might be? The same goes for Apps really, how on earth will that work? Awesome AC.
  • The picture up there is one ugly mini size phone/watch.