Even though we're several months removed from the launch of Android Marshmallow and Android N is already in a Developer Preview status, Google is just now getting around to releasing a commercial touting its Google Now on Tap feature.

As most of us know, Google Now on Tap was introduced to further extend the reaches of Google Now into your phone experience, giving you access to a wealth of knowledge from Google by simply long-pressing on your home button to get information on whatever is on your screen. Unfortunately, anyone who has used Now on Tap for any length of time will tell you the feature just ... doesn't work all that well, despite how nice it may look in a commercial where it's helping you find an obscure restaurant or score tickets to a concert.

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Interestingly enough, the name "Google Now on Tap" (or just Google Now) isn't even mentioned, and the branding of the commercial seems to be more of a sales pitch for Android 6.0 itself.

Let's just hope that Google is working to improve Google Now on Tap a bit more now that it's choosing to tout the feature on its official YouTube page.