Google pulls 'Easy Root' off Market [updated]

Developer Unstable Apps just released their latest update to their 'Easy Root' application yesterday. Though, just as soon as it went up, Google quickly yanked it off the Android Market. The latest 'Easy Root' update (1.2.2), allowed owners running Froyo on the Motorola Droid, Motorola Droid X, and the Motorola Milestone to easily root their phones by a single touch of a button.

We got in contact of the developer of Easy Root, as we're trying to get to the bottom of why the application was pulled from the Market.  That's what we do.  He was kind enough to give us a statement.  You can read it, as well as see a walkthrough video of the app after the break.   [AndroidPhonesBlog via AndroidSPIN]

Update: The developer of Easy Root has again contacted us, this time with news that the application is once again live and available for download from his site HERE.  Want some even better news?  Emails are already going out to those that purchased from the Market with a new product key and download instruction.  Our own Jared has already received his.  It's really nice to see this level of support for a $0.99 application.  Keep doing what you do Nathan!

YouTube link for mobile viewing

And here's the statement from the developer of Easy Root: First of all I would like to thank you for taking interest in this situation.  I would also like to thank all the users (and people wanting to be users) of Easy Root for their patients through this ordeal.  I wrote Easy Root for a single purpose, to make it as easy as possible for people to fully use the hardware they had paid for.  When I first started getting word from people that Easy Root had been pulled from the Market I was surprised.  I am sure that like many others I choose the Android platform for its commitment to openness and freedom.  Now, having said that, I also understand that Google finds themselves between a rock and a hard place.  While I am sure they want openness and freedom, they also have to protect users to a certain degree.  An application that can root your phone can of course do a lot of other things too.  I hope that I can come to an arrangement with Google that allows Easy Root back onto the Market as it is the easiest way for users to get it.  If an agreement can't be made, don't worry, I am busy working on a version that doesn't require the Market at all.  I hope to release the Market free version later today, and will let people know more about a Market version coming back once I actually hear something from Google. Thank you,NathanUnstable Apps 

Thanks Nathan, and we're staying on top of this, too.  We'll keep everyone up to date on the future of the Market version of Easy Root, as well as the availability of a non-Market version. 

Nathan has also told us that he will be creating keys for everyone who purchased Easy Root from the Market, and will be emailing them out when he finishes up the non-Market version. Kudos to you sir!


Andrew Melnizek