Google Photos gets same-day pickup for prints at CVS Pharmacy

What you need to know

  • You can now order prints via the Google Photos app for pickup at CVS Pharmacy.
  • Any prints you order will be ready for pickup that same day.
  • The printing is powered by the Kodak Moments system.

Google Photos is one of the best services Google's created in years. It's become the go-to digital photo library for masses of people since its launch in 2015, and now, Google's working with CVS and Kodak to offer same-day pickup for physical prints of your memories.

CVS Pharmacy already offers in-store photo printing using Kodak Moments technology, and thanks to this new partnership with Google, you'll now be able to order photo prints directly from the Google Photos app and website. Once your prints are ordered, you'll be able to stop by your local CVS store and pick them up that same day.

Commenting on the news, Kodak Moments President Nicki Zongrone said:

With a majority of U.S. consumers currently printing photos and over a third of those planning to print more in the future, making prints a reality for Google Photo users for pickup at CVS stores nationwide is a natural next step. The Google Photos app is all about ease and convenience, which are the same benefits we're focused on providing from a printing perspective with our retailers.

Google's existing Photo Books program is a great tool for printing a collection of pictures, but the addition of CVS will be nice if you just want to print a handful of images and/or want to frame your shots rather than having them in a book.

Google says this functionality is rolling out now, with wide availability across the entire U.S. and CVS's 7,400 printing locations in October 2019.

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