Google Photos makes it easier to delete photos on your phone

Google Photos now makes it even easier to find the pictures on your phone that are using the built-in storage and are already backed up to the cloud. The process is super simple, all you've got to do is update the app to version 1.9, then head to the Settings. A tap on "free up space" will begin the search, and then the assistant will tell you how much space can be saved.

From here, you'll be able to take action and delete the local copies of these files to save some internal storage, or cancel to keep them locally. Once deleted from the phone, they will remain in the cloud, and you can redownload them at any point if you need.

Whether your smartphone has limited storage, or you just don't see the need for the duplicates, this makes cleaning them up a whole lot easier. You will need to download the latest update, version 1.9, from Google Play to enable the functionality. How much space can you save with this feature? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: +Google Photos

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