When Google announced it was rebranding Android Pay and Google Wallet last year, the transition processes wasn't quite as smooth as we would have liked. Instead of combining both services into one app, Android Pay was turned into Google Pay and Google Wallet was rebranded as Google Pay Send.

Thankfully, Google's now confirmed that Google Pay Send is being laid to rest and that its functionality is coming over to the main Google Pay app.

If you live in the U.S., you can now send and request money from your friends and family members right from Google Pay. You'll see quick shortcuts for sending/requesting funds from them at the top of Google Pay, and if you use the app to pay for dinner or groceries, you can now tap a new "Split the cost" button to instantly request money from your peers.

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In addition to this, Google's also confirmed a couple of new features coming to Google Pay. Like we heard about last May, Google Pay now allows you to store boarding passes and concert tickets. When these are saved to the app, you'll find them alongside your gift/loyalty cards.

Lastly, you can go to pay.google.com to see all of your recent transactions, update your payment info, manage subscriptions, and more.

How to set up Google Pay