Google Search on mobile is now the ultimate hotel booking tool

Finding the perfect hotel can often be a hassle, and to help you, there's no shortage of travel booking/planning apps to choose from on the Play Store. However, if you like to keep things as simple as possible and would rather get all travel accommodations booked right through Google Search on your phone, your day has come.

Next time you go to search for a hotel on your phone, you'll see that the interface has been updated to fit more data on the screen at once and present everything in a fashion that's easier to read. Google's also added the ability to filter hotels by their price, and when you find the perfect match, you can book it without ever leaving Google Search.

Additionally, when you search for flights on Google, a new tab will begin to appear near the top of your screen titled "Hotels." Similarly, if you begin searching for a hotel, a "Flights" tab will pop up. With this, you can easily go about finding a hotel and flight without having to jump back and forth between different apps.

As if that wasn't enough, Google is also rolling out two features called More Destinations and My Trips. The former allows you to browse other locations and weekend getaways Google thinks you'd be interested in, and the latter makes it easy to see all upcoming and past reservations that have been sent to your Gmail account.

All of this is rolling out to Google Search now, so be sure to keep an eye out for it when planning your next trip.

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Joe Maring

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  • will this finally circumvent the issue of Google Flights displaying a price that is not available through the providers?