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Google Now appears aimed for the Chrome browser

Google just keeps on closing the gaps between its products, as today we're seeing that the Chrome team is getting ready to put Google Now into the Chrome browser. An eagle-eyed user spotted code being merged into the Chromium project that is "creating a skeleton for Google Now for Chrome implementation." We'd expect to see more being put in as the feature gets closer to a true launch.

We're not so sure how the concept of Google Now fits into the browser, but it will be interesting to see how it ends up being implemented. Surely as devices like Chromebooks become more widely accepted -- many of which have 3G data access -- something like Google Now makes sense on more than just phones and tablets.

Source: François Beaufort (Google+); Via: CNET

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • YES, YES, a thousand times YES.
  • Something seriously wrong with that title
  • My fault. Fixed.
  • Now I'm curious as to what it was before he changed it...
  • it was
    "Google Now appears aimed coming to the Chrome browser"
  • ultra awesome!
  • I wonder if it can be voice commanded.
  • It will be. That's the whole point of Google Now.
  • thats many people get confused. voice search is simply Google search. Google now is the suggestion you get like weather card,events,time to works calendar etc. if you go to setting of google search you see two settings, google now and voice search. example is iphone google search. iphone dont have google now.
  • Umm my friend you are wrong... 2 different icons go to the exact same app.... Just say "google" and Google search is voice search.
  • What? Oh ok.... I wonder why I have to set to US English across the board to make it work at the first place. I think it would be a better move for the company to support at least all the "English" and other major languages BEFORE wasting their time on implementing Now onto their browser. For some reason Google thinks that British/Canadian English is extremely different from US. Next thing you would know, Google will make "Indian English", "Chinese Chinlish", etc different language sets like current "African English". Kind of stupid.
  • It actually is vastly different dialects and spelling such as Color-Colour They have different dictionaries as a result.
  • I wonder if this is part of the reason they're discontinuing iGoogle.
  • Only to a certain extent. Google has said that they're trying to refocus on products that lots of people use every day. I'm guessing people just weren't using iGoogle that much, and they needed to free up the manpower (or womanpower, as the case may be).
  • humanpower Or…
  • .... Googlepower
  • Makes sense. Google continues to do a lot of work on touch support in ChromeOS and Aura, so there's a touch-enabled Chromebook or Chrome tablet in the works. Building hooks for Google Now means they're serious about making Chrome a viable alternative to Android on larger screens.
  • Makes sense. Google continues to do a lot of work on touch support in ChromeOS and Aura, so there's a touch-enabled Chromebook or Chrome tablet in the works. Building hooks for Google Now means they're serious about making Chrome a viable alternative to Android on larger screens.
  • The Win8 Google app seems to merge elements of voice search, Google Now, and Chrome.
  • now if we can only get it for ICS devices
  • if i understand this correctly, sounds like it'll also be for the mobile version(i would think as this is an "android" site) and chrome works on ics. maybe just maybe ics devices will get it(finally) at least through the chrome browser. but maybe im wrong?
  • That would be awesome! It would be a great replacement to iGoogle for it shows only cards for what is needed to see at that time. So it would be a quick way to see sports scores, track packages and flights, etc. But with being on a desktop, it would be great if they had cards like I use on iGoogle for seeing new emails, Google Reader, Google Voice, etc so you can see them all on one screen in cards instead of going to different sites.
  • I see this as a nice chrome extension, something that looks just like the phone version but is invoked from an extension icon in the upper right corner of chrome. Much like the Google Calendar extension only prettier.
  • I guess this means Google now will take on the sluggishness of chrome on mobile devices.
  • Google now descended among us like a Ninja in the night and caught everyone napping, users, competitors and tech geeks worldwide. Now Google Now just keep on getting better with apparently Chrome intergration... All we (I) need is "Text Wrapping" and I'll be completely happy How I love Jelly Bean.
  • That does make sense since Google Now on 4.1 is just basically online search. So I do hope that we get full Google Now from Google Chrome.
  • I'm not sure how I feel about this move. I really like the collaboration between Chrome and Voice Search on ICS, mainly for the weather application. If you ask 'how cold is it' to Search in ICS, you can have the phone default Chrome and give you have a controllable scrolling run down, per hour, of what the weather is going to be like (it's almost like a widget...say...there's an idea!) If you do the same command in 4.2 with Now; you get a stationary card that tells you one temperature, for the current temp only. No controllable progression through the next day or two. It's easy to combat this on 4.2 if you just open Chrome, and tap the Mic in the search bar, and perform the same command "how cold is it?". If these two were to be integrated, the functionality of progressive weather information would require more steps...again. I understand most people didn't really get into Voice Search/Actions pre-4.2, the only reason I know this is because there are only a handful of folks even mentioning the basic phone shortcuts that Voice Actions used to do so well; sucks in 4.1 and higher. It really does. This would be yet another case of requiring more information to do the same task. I seriously hope they get their shit together before Glass comes out - which will be predominantly voice operated...this is becoming a pretty common trend.
  • Where do I find google now? I cant seem to find it anywhere on any of my google apps.