Google Maps updates to version 6.1.1, fixes 'bugs on tablets and phones'

If you're a Google Maps user, you'll find a new app update waiting for you in the Android Market this morning. The new version 6.1.1 fixes "bugs on tablets and phones" according to the latest change log. We're not aware of any serious problems with earlier versions of Maps, but if you've been experiencing any issues in the past, hopefully this latest revision will have you fixed up.

You should see an automatic update notification if you've already got Maps installed. Otherwise, head past the break for the Market link and QR code.

Update: According to feedback down in the comments, this update fixes a bug involving starting the Navigation app directly on certain Honeycomb devices, as well as an issue with phone numbers on the search result page.

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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  • Looks like they fixed the phone call issue. It would not transfer the phone number when you clicked on the phone button of a search result or on the actual number in the search result page. That has been fixed, it was driving me nuts.
  • This fixes issues when trying to start the "navigation" app directly on certain honeycomb devices such as the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus.
  • and combined with google music taking up 20 MB is still far too large to not be on my sd card
  • I'll have to try it on my Iconia. On my phone maps worked wonderfully, but on my tablet it liked to hang and crash very very often, hopefully this update will fix that :OD
  • Thanks for the daily dose of obviousness. I really didn't notice this when I went into the Market to do updates.
  • And the fun part is that my Market running on Xoom/ICS (OTA) shows that Maps is not even installed, even though it notified me in the notification area that Maps had an update available. When I click "install" it opens Maps (the existing version, not the new one). LOL
  • Had a lot of problems getting this to install on my Iconia. It kept showing the update as available but then spitting an error stating the app was already installed. (Well DUH!) But checking the installed version number indicated it wasn't the update, and the update still showed in the market app each time. Had to uninstall and revert to the factory version before the update would stick.
  • Update causes Maps to crash after 5-10 sec. Cleared data, went back in, same thing. I will uninstall updates next.
    Asus Transformer Prime, ICS
  • Similar results on Acer. Clear cache in Maps. Then go to settings and force quit, clear cache there as well and clear data too. From then on it seems to work fine.
  • Any one tested it on the Lenovo A1? There was an issue with maps force closing on the A1 with the last version of Maps.
  • I don't know about anyone else, but this one fixed me not being able to zoom in past a certain level on my Galaxy Nexus 4.0.1 - I'm glad they fixed it, it was annoying as all hell ^_^
  • the update also fixed the buddy icon Widgets on the Samsung galaxy s2
  • that was short lived they didnt fix the Widgets I wish the would it's a nice feature