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Google Maps updated, check-in with Latitude added

Google maps checkin

Google has updated Google Maps for Android to version 5.1 today, bringing big changes to Latitude.  Where Latitude once was just a pin on a map, now there are check-ins, to connect a place to the location. 

Users who opt-in for the new Latitude can set it up to notify them when they are at a location so they can manually check-in, or set up locations to automagically check them in when they arrive.  In either case, Latitude checks you out when you leave.  There are also settings to decide how and where to share your location.  These new features make Latitude much more competitive with other location aware social media, and seem worth checking out if that's your thing.  Grab the official update for Maps through the Android Market.  There's a video after the break that does a great walk through, check it out. [Official Google Blog]

YouTube link for mobile viewing

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • Sounds creepy..
  • Exactly. What is this business of having to know exactly where everyone is at any given time?
  • I know! One of my biggest pet peeves is checking my News Feed on Facebook and seeing people who have posted their locations. Why should I care that so & so just "checked in" at IHOP? Do they want me to recommend them an omlet? Really, what is the purpose?
  • I think that's the purpose
  • It's helpful when you're traveling. My friends can see my progress, and it's especially handy on longer road trips. I don't need to call and report my progress or that I'm stuck in traffic and will be there asap. I always have Lat on when I'm hiking too. I feel safer tha way in case I get lost or hurt alone in the woods.
  • Stalker's heaven :)
  • Creepy things you can do with location based services: Dave Marcus, the Director of Security Research at McAfee Labs
    Using Social Networks To Profile, Find and 0wn Your Victims
  • Meh.. latitude is not that serious.
  • Okay... could be useful if I actually used Latitude or it was more like Foursquare (in the social aspect). Otherwise, completely useless. (Hopefully this ties in with Google Offers when it's out, that would be great for getting local area discounts.) I'd rather them spend time updating some of their other GApps (Like Listen, to add video support) that more people use than to roll out something like this that is useless to a large majority of the user base.
  • This looks neat. As long as you can keep your location available to friends only. I like being signed into Lat both when I'm hiking and when I'm traveling. I feel more safe knowing certain friends/family can see where I am!
  • More safe? Are you nuts? At best your friends/family know where to find the body. Or more likely which dumpster/ditch your abductor tossed your phone. Don't join Latitude. Join a Karate Club.
  • How is it unsafe if only the people I add can see my location? I don't get that. I not a teenager that adds 1001 friends of friends! Ha
  • I love google but they scare me a lil. I mean they always err on the side of openness instead of privacy. Why spend time on this instead of updating google maps and navigation to allow me to clear out previous routes or searches without 3rd party apps? Maybe google likes the idea that anyone who has access to your phone should have access to your address as well.
  • sounds like it will be a battery hog. Will this still leave the stupid icon in the app drawer for the evo (along with w/e phones also have it)
  • I never understood the motivation for using Foursquare. Collect badges? Really? Google's going to have to up the ante significantly to get me to use this. For example, add location-based tasks. If I could create a shopping/task list for the places I check in, I might be tempted to use it. This could be tied into a Google Tasks app (if Google ever builds it). Of course, if I start making shopping lists, Google is probably going to turn around and sell them to stores as market research data.
  • Lattitude is good for when you lose your phone. All you gotta do is ask one of your friends where Lattitude says you are and you can find it that way. Just dont give it out to your bitch or she will come find you ;)
  • Y'all are too uptight the US has a very low crime rate oh and also 300,000,000 people. Get over yourselves all the people that see you out in public know exactly where you are. Paranoia has ahold of let it go and stop living your lives in fear. *On a lighter note this is sweet been waiting for a social networking location app to add this to there app instead latitude just became one and has this should see more peeps using latitude now. Thanks Google
  • A leash so your significant others can keep track of your were abouts... no thanks.
  • I leave latitude running all the time. Its not a battery hog. I share with 3 family members and 1 friend.
    I don't know why people are so paranoid.
  • Let's get back to the update....... It doesn't download and install. Thought it was a problem with my phone so uninstalled, now I have no Google maps.
  • Happened to me too but I was able to search for it and download it. Are u unable to do that? If so clear the cache on the market and reboot
  • Did all that can find and download but won't install.
  • I like using lattitude. I don't have too many friends on it but it's pretty cool to see where people are.
  • Is auto magically a typo or automatically How Google rolls?
  • Auto checkout isn't working for me, its not reading the GPS precisely enough (a lot of places I go are within 4 blocks of my house). Also when it suggests places you can't easily search for an alternate, and the quick screen that pulls up locations for manually checking in only gives you a finite list, if where you're at isn't listed, you have to back out to the map and search then check-in via the Places screen.
  • too bad this won't work with google apps accounts since they are using the buzz to propagate the information. You would think they would have rolled out buzz by now for google apps users since this is something I could see used for employers to track employees.
  • Great!! Google is living to its laurels...
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  • Check-in seems to need profile and buzz, neither of which works with a Google Apps account, which is the account I use for latitude.