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Google Maps brings live traffic info to 13 European countries

While I don't do much traveling on European roads myself, I know a lot of people who have to do it daily and just like everywhere else in the World, traffic is always an issue. Luckily for them, Google Maps has now added 13 European countries to Google Maps from which they can now obtain live traffic info and hopefully avoid traffic jams:

Today we’re announcing new coverage in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Spain and Switzerland. Coverage includes all freeways and highways, as well as large roads in major cities. Users in the UK will also benefit from a finer grain of street level coverage.

Live traffic information gets updated every 5-10 minutes and is then piped down to Google Maps users. Changing the view allows you to even break traffic down by specific times and days of the week.

Source: Google LatLong

  • Is there a way to stop Google Maps from updating?
    It always updates the minute I open the Market & no manner what I do I can't stop it , the only way to remove it is by uninstall it from the setting
    Its like the Google Maps is using force to download
    The thing is the update is 10.7MB & I don't have enough space to download it without "Low storage" pops up
  • untick "allow automatic updating" in the application screen in the market
  • I tried, but every time I open the app in the market, I get "application not found"
  • I've been expecting this. Time will tell if it's any use in the real world :P
  • Don't you mean 12 European countries and Israel?
  • You're right! We all know that Israel is a part of the US of A !!! :-P
  • Very true! :(
  • You're absolutely correct!
  • How is Israel a European country? Correct your title!