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The schedule for this year's Google I/O keynote was released today. You can find it here. Only one keynote address this year, and it's a mere two hours (unlike last year's marathon).

At first glance we're not seeing any big spoilers (say, Android TV), but there's a full session on the ART Runtime, which shouldn't be too surprising, and look for other details to drop after the news from the keynote. And we'd keep an eye on the Cross-Platform Design session. And, yes, What's New in Android will explain in more detail what's new in Android. As in new things in Android.

If you can't be in San Francisco next month, be sure to hit the "Live streaming" filter to see what you'll be able to watch from home.

Source: Google I/O

  • New things in android, not sure if I understand that concept.
  • Happens all the time. Usually a few months before Apple innovates it, BlackBerry finds away to run it, or MS flat out steals it. Posted via Android Central App
  • Haha cannot express how much I love this comment. Posted from my BLU Life Pure XL :)
  • +1 haha
  • Seconded, heh.
  • Best comment I've seen all day Posted via Android Central App
  • A Apple innovate? That's funny. Apple is fading away ... will become the new blackberry ...irrelevant.
  • I would imagine they will use IO to roll out 4.4.3 for some reason.
  • With the Nexus 8!!!