Google Home finally adds the advanced networking features from the Google Wifi app

Google Home App
Google Home App (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google has updated the Google Home app for Android to allow Google Wifi network management.
  • The update would be version 2.26 of the Google Home app, rolling out now.
  • The Google Wifi app is now no longer necessary if you have a newer Google or Nest Wifi router.

Google has introduced a new update to the Google Home app, allowing users to import Wi-Fi networks managed by the Google Wifi app into the Home app (via 9to5Google.)

This repositions the Google Home app as the central managing hub for all your Google smart home devices and narrows the bifurcation of features between the Google Home and Google Wifi app. One may say it even limits (or eliminates) the necessity of the Google Wifi app, which hasn't gotten a meaningful update in ages and still retains the old material design stylings.

In addition to the import, a user can now manage advanced settings which 9to5Google notes encompass "DNS, WAN, LAN, UPnP, IPV6, DHCP IP reservations, Port Management, and Network Mode." It's essentially everything you'd need the older Wifi app for.

Now, the update is live for the Google Home app in the Play Store with version 2.26. Google first rolled out the update to the iOS Google Home app, noting:

Import your Wi-Fi network from the Google Wifi app so you can manage your network and other connected devices in one place. Use Google Assistant to do things like pause Wi-Fi, check your internet speed, and show your guest Wi-Fi password on smart displays.

On Android, it is rolling out in batches, so it may take a while before it hits your device.

Google Nest Wifi router and point

Nest Wifi

The Nest Wifi adds a Google touch to your typical Wi-Fi router and eliminates the risk for extenders if setup properly. Now, it works with the Google Home app so managing it and your other Nest devices is that much easier.

Michael Allison