Google Home can now show you things on your Chromecast

Last year's Google I/O was home to a plethora of announcements, but one of the most interesting was a new trick with the Google Assistant that allowed it to send contextual info/graphics to a Chromecast-enabled TV following a voice command. Google's been radio silent since the initial announcement in regards to when we could actually start using it, but it looks like that day has finally come.

As noted by multiple Redditors, asking Google Home or another Google Assistant-powered smart speaker to show you the weather on your Chromecast device will do just that. For example, saying "Ok, Google, show me the weather on my TV" will now display the current temperature and five-day forecast on your Chromecast-enabled television.

Google appears to be rolling out this functionality to select countries, and at this time, it only works with Google Assistant smart speakers — not phones or tablets.

Also, while this currently just shows the weather, it's expected that this will expand to more commands/questions down the road. Future use cases could include a visual of traffic on the way to work, upcoming calendar appointments, etc.

If you've got a Google Home and Chromecast, do you have access to this? If so, is it something you think you'll start using on a regular basis?

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  • I don't think it'll be super useful since I usually ask questions when I'm moving around doing stuff. Also, this would require leaving my TV on all of the time, which would just consume more electricity. Sure, my Chromecast can turn on my TV, but by the time it fires up and displays info I'll probably have moved on. All that being said, if they can make it work, they might as well make it work. It's not hurting me if I choose not to use the feature.
  • Yup, Google wants you to keep your TV on with the Chromecast set as the input at all times. That's kinda the goal. And I agree, not all that practical for many people.
  • I disagree. I think it would be useful, especially for more visual questions. That being said, you don't need to leave your TV on to do this if your TV supports HDMI-CEC and then the Chromecast will just turn on when displaying information and you could tell GH to turn off your TV. Just tried it and it works great!
  • As Russell pointed out, "Sure, my Chromecast can turn on my TV, but by the time it fires up and displays info I'll probably have moved on." HDMI-CEC is reliable. But it's also slow. In the time it takes to turn on, switch inputs and display I could've just asked my phone instead.
  • Mine is actually pretty quick. Takes about 3 seconds. Or maybe that's slow.... Send fast to me when I have my hands full haha.
  • In other words, constant advertising on your TV screen forever!!
  • Cool idea, but my setup has the CC plugged into one of 6 HDMI inputs on my AVR so if I'm watching my Tivo I don't want it to switch to CC just to see a weather report, then forcing me to change inputs back to my Tivo input when I'm done with the weather.
  • I think the solution to this scenario would be to not say "...on my TV". From reading the article, the command to have Google Assistant display the weather on a Chromecast enabled TV is "...on my TV". So if you just want to know what the weather is, then you would say "Ok (Hey) Google, what's the weather?" and it will reply with a voice telling you what the weather is. As long as you don't say "Ok (Hey) Google, show me the weather on my TV" you should be fine.
  • I don't own a Google Home but I just assumed it launched being able to do this.
  • Works here NYC... my wife might have more use for this when she is getting our kids ready in the morning for school...but i don't know how mush use I will get from it
  • I have a Chromecast on one of my TV's. When I asked Google to "Show me the weather in the playroom" it started playing some music video on YouTube. When I said, "Ok google, show me the weather FORECAST", it put up the weather as an overlay at the bottom of the screen (the video kept playing in the background). Pretty neat. Oh and for the love of all that is holy: GOOGLE PLEASE LET ME PLAY YOUTUBE ON ONE DEVICE WHILE LISTENING TO GPM ON ANOTHER DEVICE ALREADY!!! This one device at a time thing is getting really old.
  • Not sure why you can't do this, but mine does this fine. I will ask it to show Netflix or Youtube on the TV, usually a kids show for my daughter, and ask it to play something from Google Play Music on the speaker and it does both fine. It will continue to play Netflix/Youtube on the TV while streaming music on the Google Home Mini speaker.
  • My TV has an HDMI input that can let Chromecast toggle the power on/off so this would be pretty cool. I could connect a Chromecast to a wall mounted display, integrate it with my SmartThings and the Google assistant apk to do some pretty neat stuff.
  • My thoughts exactly. Handy in the kitchen with a 14"-19" TV mounted on the wall.
  • Tried this out in Seattle. Google told me something went wrong and to try again later. Tried again and nothing. Try tonight and see what happens.
  • It worked in my living room TV with Chromecast Ultra, but not on the bedroom TV with the first model of Chromecast. I didn't try very hard though.
  • Does not work with 1st gen Cromecasts
  • Yes found out it won't work on my 1st gen either. I wonder if its hardware or contrived limitation.
  • Working great...
  • Not working with the Nvidia Shield. Lame.
  • Just tried it here in Honduras and it works.
    Don't think i will be using it a lot for the weather, but i can see myself use it more once the options get expanded
  • I love that I can tell GH to show me a named Nest cam in my house on my TV. That way while I am getting ready in the bathroom in the morning I can have it show the kitchen area, so I can make sure my kids are doing what they are suppose to be doing!! And if they are not then I can broadcast a message to them, all without leaving the bathroom!!! LOL
  • Hopefully they bring this functionality to other camera's. I chose to go the Ecobee route for my thermostat instead of Nest, the sensors come in handy due to a 5*C to 6*C temp range in my house. As a result of going Ecobee, and the Nest cam's being more than i want to spend, I think for my additional camera's I'm going to go with the camera's that my Smart Home Monitoring provider supplies.
  • supports arlo now.
  • Not on Shield and not yet in Europe?
  • Don't know about shield but as they write in the article it shouldn't work on phones and tablets so maybe it will only work with Google home devices... But I know it work in europe! Just tried it and work fine here in Denmark using Google home mini and 2nd gen Chromecast
  • this is a huge feature if it ever gets where it needs to be. I already have a TV that turns on when I wake up via some smart home devices. I use it to catch up on news, view my Nest/Arlo cams, etc (this already works through google home commands). The weather feature isn't all that exciting to me, but imagine:
    "show local radar."
    "show my team's updates"
    "show my calendar for the week"
    "show what's on my shopping list" etc etc. This will be an amazing feature for those of us with smart homes and are highly tied to google home.