Last year's Google I/O was home to a plethora of announcements, but one of the most interesting was a new trick with the Google Assistant that allowed it to send contextual info/graphics to a Chromecast-enabled TV following a voice command. Google's been radio silent since the initial announcement in regards to when we could actually start using it, but it looks like that day has finally come.

As noted by multiple Redditors, asking Google Home or another Google Assistant-powered smart speaker to show you the weather on your Chromecast device will do just that. For example, saying "Ok, Google, show me the weather on my TV" will now display the current temperature and five-day forecast on your Chromecast-enabled television.

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Google appears to be rolling out this functionality to select countries, and at this time, it only works with Google Assistant smart speakers — not phones or tablets.

Also, while this currently just shows the weather, it's expected that this will expand to more commands/questions down the road. Future use cases could include a visual of traffic on the way to work, upcoming calendar appointments, etc.

If you've got a Google Home and Chromecast, do you have access to this? If so, is it something you think you'll start using on a regular basis?

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