Google has no plans to sell the Nexus 4 in Taiwan

According to a statement given to Digitimes, LG Taiwan has said that there are no plans to release the Nexus 4 in Taiwan. The handset will be available in multiple countries in the Americas and Europe at launch, and more countries worldwide will be coming in the future, but it sounds like Taiwan won't be one of them.

LG did state that they plan to release several new flagships featuring their own brand in Taiwan sometime during the beginning of 2013, and this should increase brand awareness. Luckily, there should be several wholesalers who will gladly ship to Taiwan if users need to get their Nexus on.

Source: Digitimes

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • Makes total sense...I think lol
  • Makes sense to me, also.
  • I'm confused. :-)
  • Why does the headline say "Google..." when the article doesn't mention Google once? The first line of the article specifically mentions a statement from LG. "According to a statement given to Digitimes, LG Taiwan..." Seems a tad misleading.
  • why? makes no sense to me.
  • Makes Sense 4 Taiwan.
  • Nor in Paraguay XD