Google Finance cleans up for Android

Google has updated its mobile Google Finance page, and says they now have unified the experience across the desktop and mobile for Android (and iPhone) users.  According to Bryan Shih, Product Manager at Google Finance, the most requested feature from users was a "fast and easy to use website."  To find the new site from your Android phone, just search a stock ticker symbol from the the search bar in the browser, or the Google search widget/button; or tap the Finance link at the top of the Google mobile webpage.

App junkies have no fear, you can still download the Finance app from Google, and links are after the break. But, honestly, after seeing the new website I don't think you'll want to. Thanks, G.  [Google Finance Blog]

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • This applies to webOS as well.
  • This applies to webOS as well.
  • I miss my WebOS...
  • Not working from stock browser on my Incredible... Is this 2.2 only or something? Finance isn't even linked at the top of the Google mobile homepage. Click on "More" and it is not even listed among Google's mobile offerings. returns a bare-bones Finance-like page that says "no results found for null." Entering a ticker gives the same error (no results found for [symbol]). Boo.
  • Its a web site. How can that not work for you but works for everyone else? Did you forget to take airplane mode off?
  • I don't know what his specific problem is, but it is VERY common for sites to serve up different pages based on your browser's user agent string, which typically includes info about what device and operating system version you're using. So it's quite possible that he's seeing a different site than other people. Load http:\\ to see what your browser is telling the website about your setup. Just checked; the ua from my stock Evo browser is telling sites that I'm running Android 2.2 on Sprint phone with model number APA9292KT and that I prefer US English.
  • Could it be that Mobile view under browser settings is disabled? Try enabling that and then go to
  • still doesn't include Canadian listed stocks in portfolio..
  • The whole point in forums is to HELP each other so we don't have room for smart asses..