Google Drive offering discount when you prepay for bulk storage

If you're an Android user — which you are, because you're at Android Central, duh — you should consider using Google Drive to sync your files and folders. It's extremely easy to use, it's cross-platform, and Google is constantly offering deals on storage plans.

This time, it's offering discounts if you prepay for storage for the year ahead. The ability isn't technically live in the mobile app just yet, but as discovered by Android Police, there is an option in the Drive storage settings that lets you prepay for the year ahead.

The bulk discount applies for 100GB and 1TB purchases only. If you're going higher, you'll have to pay full price, which rounds out to about US$10 per terabyte per month.

See Google Drive storage plans

Florence Ion

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  • Office 365 Home is cheaper for same storage and you get full Office Suite.
  • You want Microsoft giving up your data without the need of a FISA court order? Google at least has to document the request... Microsoft... they're about as good as Yahoo when it comes to security.
  • Whoa... They have to document the request? That's gonna stop absolutely nothing.
  • I don't think thats entirely true, the gov can make requests via a different court where the target is obliged not to document it. If you're really serious about that stuff you'd never use any cloud storage at all and if you did you'd encrypt whatever you put up there. In any case the original point still stands, the MS offer is a good one with 1TB (in fact it's up to 5TB across 5 accounts) on multiple devices for One Drive (with free Office 365). MS Office @ MS Store $99 for 5 users is pretty good value since each user gets 1TB + office (online and offline) and some skype calling minutes per month. If you find enough people to share with it's basically $20 for 1TB per year.
  • Exactly. And you don't have to pay $99 for it. You can get it on eBay all day long under $70.
  • You guys do understand that Google's office suite is free too, right?
  • Yes we do, the point is with enough people by buying Office 365 you can can each get 1TB of storage plus some skype minutes and office for $20 each per year.... that's 80% cheaper than this bulk pricing offer. And whilst I love Google's Suite, Office is a much more sophisticated product.
  • That's cute and all, but nobody talks about the fact that Microsoft has, and will, change pricing and storage options from beneath you at a whims notice. I woke up one day to find I no longer had access to almost 250GB of OneDrive storage. At least with Google, I know exactly what I'm getting and what I'm paying for. The storage option a simple, clear and consistent. And every price change that has accompanied Google storage has been for the better for consumers, not worse. On the other hand, Microsoft has 1001 confusing price points depending on what skew of Office 365's multiple variants you're using. Some variants of Office 365 are deliberately handicapped because Microsoft would rather you pay for the more expensive skews that are full featured. Also, I wouldn't call Office "much more sophisticated". For example, I find real-time collaboration, machine learning features, search, and voice dictation "much more sophisticated" on G Suite than on Office 365.
  • OK well we can go at this forever. Office365 is $99 for up to 5 people to have 1TB of storage for that year, if you pay it they can't raise the price for another year. The price hasn't changed for about 2+ years. I don't know how someone as informed as you can wake up to find your access revoked. You're right its not more sophisticated and it's not about Office, this is about storage I'm just saying you can use Office if you want to which for some is added value.
  • My access was not revoked. Microsoft reneged on their original offer and changed storage pricing and plans out of the blue. That's why I don't and won't use or recommend their products. This is typical Microsoft. They do **** like this all the time.
  • Exactly. Doesn't matter how many ways you spin it, the Microsoft deal is a better one. The OneDrive model was changed (once) because the unlimited storage offer was ridiculous and unsustainable. People talking about privacy when they're obviously Google fans, is cute at best, naive at worst.
  • Microsoft was caught red handed reading users email. And they still don't provide a dashboard of all the data they collect about you, or even allow you to manage it. So yes, Google is the better company as far as privacy and security is concerned.
  • People still think Google is better at keeping your privacy and security? How cute.
  • They are. They're are also better than any tech company at giving granular access to your data and how they use it.
  • They are from a compliance level; Microsoft like most tech companies don't have any type of roadmap that details which buckets 3rd parties have access to. At the end of the day, safer with El Goog than M$.
  • Thanks for this.
  • Google and Facebook together have more data on you then the NSA! Also...9.99$ for 1TB a month? That's like 120$ a year Hell you could buy a pocket size external for so much lower then that price and it's local and safe from prying eyes! pen drives are getting great capacities now too
  • I don't see it yet :(
  • Same Here. It is just showing that I am on a legacy plan and it is giving me only pay monthly options.
  • Ditto. I'm guessing it's a slow rollout. I don't renew until Jan 7th, so hopefully I'll be able to sign up for the annual plan before then,
  • Ditto. I'm guessing it's a slow roll out. I don't renew until Jan 7th, so hopefully I'll be able to sign up for the annual plan before then,