Update: Google has taken off the cover, unveiling the Android mascot holding a marshmallow. Ladies and gentlemen, what we've known up until now as "Android M" is officially Android "Marshmallow".

Original story: Google is once again teasing the Android M reveal, this time showing what appears to be a fully built statue under a white cover. Recently, Google posted a teaser video in which it listed a number of treats that began with the letter M, and at the end showed off a statue being painted white. The latest teaser comes from Jeff Sharkey, a software engineer at Google. Unfortunately, you can't really see any major outlines under the cover, though it appears that the statue is assembled at this point.

As of now, we are unsure when Google will officially unveil the name of its upcoming operating system, so stay tuned for any additional updates.

Source: +JeffSharkey, +AlexRuiz