Google is moving to make sure that users are completely aware of what data is collected from apps and extensions on the Chrome Web Store. In a new blog post, Google outlines some updates to the Chrome Web Store's User Data Policy that should "ensure transparency and choice" for users.

Chrome Web Store

As part of the changes, Google highlights three main requirements for developers going forward:

  • Be transparent about the handling of user data and disclose privacy practices
  • Post a privacy policy and use encryption, when handling personal or sensitive information, and
  • Ask users to consent to the collection of personal or sensitive data via a prominent disclosure, when the use of the data isn't related to a prominent feature.

Of course, there are other changes to be aware of as well, and Chrome Web Store developers can check out the full policy on the Chrome developer site for more. Google says developers have until July 14 to comply with the new policy, and the company will alert developers if it discovers items that violate the new policy in the interim. On July 15, apps and extensions that still violate the new rules will be removed from the Web Store.

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