Google adds app download statistics to Android Market developer portal

Google has flip the switch on app download statistics, giving developers a cool look at who is downloading their apps, where they're from and what devices they're using. You get a Google Finance-like chart showing the total number of downloads, and breakdowns for OS version, device, country and language.

The example you see above is for the old Android Central Widget (which we no longer support, but it still works). Here's the breakdown for the widget, which has 11,400 installations:

  • 80.6 percent of users are on Android 2.2. Android 2.1 has 13.8 percent, and Android 2.3.3 third at 1.8 percent.
  • 25.6 percent of those who use the widget are using an HTC EVO 4G. The Motorola Droid X is next at 16 percent, followed by the Droid Incredible at 10.6 percent.
  • 91.9 percent of the widget's users are in the United States. The UK is second at 1.6 percent, followed by Canada at 0.9 percent.

So it's a cool little look at who's using what. If you're a developer with an app or two in the Market, be sure to check it out.

Phil Nickinson
  • Too many Android programs are version specific. that sucks, the same is true for other OS's but to a far lesser extent.
  • Google doesn't seem to like appbrain very much do they. First they take away appbrain's raison betre and develop the android market, then appbrain change their focus and provide user, device, android version, app download number data etc and then google a few days later provide that themselves. Wonder what appbrain will come up with next.
  • "The example you see above is for the old Android Central Widget (which we no longer support, but it still works)." The fact it's still being used and by quite a few people should have you guys supporting it again. I for one use it. I like the simpleness of it. Would be awesome if you guys added scrolling to it. "hint, hint"
  • yes this ^^^
    but put new Lloyd on it instead of old logo
  • WOW, between the stats posted by App Brain yesterday and these stats, I hadn't realized that the Evo was so insanely popular. This phone is literally everywhere. Just yesterday, I noticed 5 different people with one. 1 of them was using the white Evo. No wonder Sprint is shifting the evolution name to an brand or a line of phones, like the sprint counterpart to Verizon's Droid.
  • Looks more like the Galaxy S is third with 1397 devices.
  • It's been over 9 months and the Evo is still the best.
  • Hey Phil, looks like you need to stop hating the DInc since it's #3 on your download list
  • I really don't trust these numbers. I make themes that only work for CyanogenMod 7 through the theme chooser app. Blue Bionic, one of my themes, shows 68.8% of installs on android 2.2 devices and only 31% on android 2.3+. Maybe it could be accidental installs from people who don't understand the but, but then again I have more active installs than I have total installs on 2.3+. The only thing I can think of is either tons of people have ported versions of CM7 with incorrect build.prop files, or the data is wrong. Oh, and I have an insane number of EVO 4g installs too. I had no idea.
  • I dont even use the android central app, I just come here I guess.
  • The reference to the "old" AC widget implies that there could be a "new" one. Is there? I use that old one often to see what new topics you are reporting, and. Easy acess to them from my mobile, and I'm quite surprised and disappointed to read that you no longer support it, perhaps with no replacement.