Gmail app updated with better reply, priority inbox features

Google has updated the Gmail application to version 2.3.2, and with it comes some often requested features.  Android phones running Froyo or higher can and should grab the update, the new features look awesome:

  • Better support for priority inbox
  • Send from any address you have set up in your account
  • Switch between reply, forward, and reply all while composing
  • And of course, the magical "Bug fixes"

Hit the source to see the full set of changes.  It looks like Google is keeping their promise of updating some of their core applications independently of the operating system, as we saw Google voice, YouTube, and Voice Search get nice updates yesterday as well.  Update in the Market, or hit the download link after the break for a shortcut. [Google Mobile blog]

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • Sweet! Now if my Captivate had Froyo I could install this. Oh, and a working GPS would be neato too!!
  • Ok, all of the google apps have been updated, EXCEPT MAPS. Bring it on already haha
  • Um, Maps has been updated, multiple times already.
  • I think he's referring specifically in the last few days and about the new vector Maps
  • Excellent, I've needed these fixes/additions badly for a while, especially the send from any address part. Drove me nuts having to go to my PC or use k-9.
  • FINALLY! I can reply with my hotmail account!
  • YES!!! Alerts for only things in my Priority Inbox. I've been waiting for this feature since they came out with Priority Inbox. I have never been so exited for an update.
  • another update for froyo users samsung can lick my nads.. i'm tired of my "flagship" phone now being TWO OS updates behind the times
  • Why did you buy it, buahahaaa!
  • Can it handle ics calendar entries yet ? Everytime somebody sends me an invite I end up with an attachment that I can't do anything with and I have to log into gmail on a desktop to get the update.
  • I'm confused. I've had these changes and all the YouTube changes on my Droid for quite awhile now. Well I can't vouch for the Youtube comments but everything else has been there for a month or two.
  • Awesome ...great news!
  • Finally we can copy/paste the content of emails using the "reply inline" feature.
    Without this feature it was not possible to copy text from the original poster when doing a reply!
  • Argh, another app update with nice features that requires Froyo. If Google Maps 5 requires Froyo I may just ditch this Fascinate and go with a Nexus S. Good thing I'm within my 30 day return window...
  • Wow, what are you waiting for, run!
  • I was hoping that they would activate the Google Authenticating feature with this update, especially since they also pushed out an update to the Android Google Authenticator app, too, but it isn't there. That is one feature I really want to see - odd that there is so little mention of it anywhere.
  • pretty soon we'll need Froyo just to access Android Central.
  • Android Central already announced this would be the case in an article last week. I think the effective date is 1/1/2011? Surely I jest.
  • please don't call me shirley.
  • Like mentioned above, bring on the "vector maps".