Gingerbread update now rolling out to unbranded UK Desire HD and Incredible S

Reports from various forums are confirming that the Android 2.3 Gingerbread updates for unbranded British HTC Desire HD's and Incredible S's are now rolling out to users, just as HTC promised last week. On the Desire HD, the update will also bring users up to HTC Sense 2.1, which includes a couple of new features like a quick settings tab in the notification area and a slightly redesigned app drawer.

This should also be good news for owners of the Inspire 4G and Droid Incredible 2. With these devices' European cousins now running Android 2.3, hopefully it won't be long before they get their own taste of Gingerbread.

If you've got an unbranded Desire HD or Incredible S that was purchased in the UK, head on over to Settings -> About Phone -> System Software Updates to grab the new firmware. If your phone is carrier-branded, you'll have to wait just a little while longer for your network to approve the update.

Source: XDA Desire HD, Incredible S forums

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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  • Hope Asia Incredible S's get the update soon....
  • Can't wait for Tmo to roll out 2.3 for the G2X. Hurry!!
  • When it comes to my EVO I could really care less about Gingerbread since we probably won't be getting a newer version of Sense UI (According to the leaked build on AC)
  • I agree. The only thing I'm looking forward to from the official EVO 2.3 update is the kernel source. That way XDA can cook up some real roms and fix issues on the ones currently available. Just a lame move on HTC/Sprint to leave Sense 1.0 on the EVO, it screams of an old Samsung style move that influences my decision to buy a *gasp* Samsung phone next.
  • What's with other countries getting gingerbread and not the US?! Carriers got alotta nerve withholding and bloating necessary updates. Wtf man.
  • You know, constant need for upgrading was invented in States. You need to buy a new phone.
  • New phones aren't coming out with Gingerbread either.
  • Where is the OG Incredible? mad mad mad
  • This is great news for us Inspire fans! Hoping to feast on gingerbread this summer!!
  • My incredible s UK got it yesterday OTA went smoothly can't say notice that much difference but Facebook app now works better.
  • When's the gingerbread upgrade slated for Incredible S users of Asia?