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Gingerbread for European Galaxy S coming 'mid-April', says Samsung Finland

In the latest chapter in the ongoing Galaxy S Gingerbread saga, Samsung Finland has updated its official blog with the news that Finnish Galaxy S owners (and other Europeans too, presumably) will get the update in "mid-April". Samsung adds that the Gingerbread update currently in the final stages of testing.

This more or less jives with what we've heard from British carrier Three, which expects to push Gingerbread to its Galaxy S customers in the "next couple of weeks". If you can't wait the extra seven days (or longer, depending on your carrier) and you're feeling brave, you could always check out the leaked Galaxy S Gingerbread build which we reported a couple of weeks ago.

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

Alex was with Android Central for over a decade, producing written and video content for the site, and served as global Executive Editor from 2016 to 2022.

  • Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... then 6months later from US carriers? the Euros are always full steam ahead with the "S" Series updates
  • 6 months? Im not that optimistic. LoL
  • T-Mobile will probably get it in 6 months. Then AT&T and Sprint sometime early next year, and Verizon will finally pull out Froyo for the Fascinate the month after that.
  • And all the people say that Samsung don't update their phones. This will be the first non Nexus phone to get official Gingerbread ( not that it helps us in the US )
  • Sounds good. That means that Canadian carriers will likely get it in august. The best thing is that ROM makers will get their hands on it and make new custom roms.
  • This news is so FASCINATING. I am clearly FASCINATED with Samsung's ability to roll out FASCINATING updates to all their Galaxy S phones. Gingerbread is a FASCINATING version of the Android OS. It is so UNFASCINATING when high end Galaxy S phones are left on Android 2.1 Fascinating.
  • Indeed. I'm a fascinate owner as well and to read gingerbread
    Coming for galaxy s with us Verizon fascinate owners still running 2.1 is just ludicrous. No one to blame but Verizon. Every time I call customer service regarding froyo, I literally get transferred 4-5 times then mysteriously disconnected.
  • We can't say that Samsung does not update their phones. They have been really good with updates. This pretty much shows that its not Samsung's fault we do not have updates, its the US carriers and the bloat that they insist on putting on their phones because they think people actually use that junk.
  • I'm getting antsy! I've been holding off of the Gingerbread ROMs so far, even though I hear they are quite good and stable 2.2.1 is amazing and worth holding onto for a couple more weeks. XDA is going to be a fire storm when this thing officially drops. :-D
  • Fuck Samsung! They obviously dont give a damn about their customers. Promising an update to Gingerbread and then over and over again delaying it. Their helpdesk first told me that it will be on 11.7 (that was sometime in May). on 11.7. they told me that it will be next week Saturday (18.7.). Today again nothing and they told me it will be in 2 weeks. FYI, I am located in the Czech republic. The same shit happend with Froyo. It is clear to me that Samsung is just not getting its act together. So it will be for sure that I will not return to them. On top I had an eye on some other hardware from Samsung, but I rather get some other brand for that as well.
  • Today is 2 weeks later and Samsung again did not do what it told it would do; make gingerbread available. Samsung never again!!! Lying bastards...
  • I am also from Czech Republic and Samsung is driving me crazy. My girlfriend has HTC and she was able to update to Gingerbread several weeks ago by downloading the update using wifi and just letting the update run, which took maybe 15 minutes. No need to connect the phone to a computer and to install/use software to perform the update. Samsung should do something; these neverending delays and user-unfriendly ways of updating firmware are really a shitty piece of work. I start regretting I chose Samsung and not HTC.