Ghostwire: Tokyo looks sleek and spooky on PS5 in gameplay overview

Ghostwire Tokyo Feb 2022
Ghostwire Tokyo Feb 2022 (Image credit: Bethesda Softworks)

What you need to know

  • Ghostwire: Tokyo is an upcoming timed PS5 console exclusive developed by Tango Gameworks.
  • A new gameplay overview video dives into how players will fight dark spirits in a faithful recreation of Tokyo.
  • Ghostwire: Tokyo is slated to launch on March 25, 2022, with three-day early access for anyone that preorders the Digital Deluxe edition.

PlayStation and Bethesda Softworks shared more details on Ghostwire: Tokyo in a new gameplay overview. Developed by Tango Gameworks, Ghostwire: Tokyo tasks players with purging evil spirits in Tokyo. Using Ethereal Weaving, players fight these spirits using fire, water, air, and other ghostly abilities.

You can take a look at the new overview for Ghostwire: Tokyo below.

When asked to describe what Ghostwire: Tokyo is by Tango Gameworks founder Shinji Mikami, members of the development team described it as "paranormal" and "strawberry shortcake."

The game takes advantage of the PS5's 3D audio system to make the music and atmosphere as creepy as possible, while ray-tracing combined with wet puddles mean that Tokyo looks as good as possible.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is launching on March 25, 2022, as previously confirmed by a video description ahead of the stream. Anyone who preorders the Digital Deluxe version of the game will get access three days earlier on March 22, alongside some bonus items: Streetwear Outfit Pack, Shinobi Outfit, and Kunai Weapon.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is a timed console exclusive on PS5 for at least a year, and due to Bethesda Softworks parent company ZeniMax Media being acquired by Microsoft, there's a chance it's the last new Bethesda game that'll launch on a PlayStation console.

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