Get all hot and steamy in the shower with your Android device - wait, what?

We can control our music from our Android devices. And our TVs. Open garage doors. Play instruments. And now, control your steam shower. If you've got a ThermaSol ProSeries, you apparently can control the start of your "steam session," including setting the time and temperature, so long as you're connected to your home's router. You also can control light and music settings, and it'll hook up to Pandora, Spotify and other streaming services for your steaming enjoyment. And it'll also run the diagnostic and maintenance features, which we presume is some sort of self-cleaning mode and that it doesn't just call over the local plumber's crack.

We're currently in the midst of a no-holds barred cage match to see who gets to demo this one. Rubber ducky not included.

ThermaSol® Launches First Mobile Application for Proprietary Steam Shower Systems

Wireless technology allows users to control steam shower systems, including equipment maintenance, with cell phone and tablet devices

Simi Valley, Calif. – ThermaSol®, which has been on the cutting-edge of steam shower technology innovation for more than 50 years, is proud to announce the debut of the Solitude Mobile Application – the world’s first mobile app for their steam shower systems. When synched with an easily installed module that turns the ThermaSol ProSeries generator into a network peripheral, the app allows users to control all functions of their ThermaSol systems, including the generator maintenance, via handheld wireless devices.

The technology adds to the company’s long list of innovations such as: the development of FastStart™ technology, which provides steam in seconds not minutes; development of SmartSteam™, a patented innovation that learns your ideal steam room temperature and maintains it throughout the entire steam bathing experience; offering 100% digital, fully networked steam systems; and being the first steam shower manufacturer to include Bluetooth® technology in its packages.

“Our steam shower systems are designed for people to create a highly personalized spa experience at home,” said Mitch Altman, CEO of ThermaSol. “The Solitude Mobile Application takes our systems to the next level by allowing users to control every facet of their steam shower (temperature, light, music, maintenance and more) via cell phone or tablet device from anywhere within their home’s WiFi range. This is a first for not only the steam shower industry but the residential plumbing industry as a whole.”

The Solitude Mobile Application is available for download through the iTunes® Store and Google Play™, and it’s compatible with iOS 3.0 and up and Android 2.0 and up.The app with the add-on module can communicate with ThermaSol ProSeries steam shower systems developed from 2007 forward, true to “plug and play” technology.

Key features of the Solitude Mobile Application include:

  • Compatibility with a variety of smartphones and tablet devices
  • Easy installation of wireless module
  • Option of setting and controlling steam shower preferences for multiple users
  • Remote activation of steam session, including time and temperature, from anywhere within the home’s WiFi range
  • Control light and music settings, including accessing music from Pandora, Spotify or other streaming music services
  • Ability to watch your favorite Youtube video, enjoy the news, email and more during the steam shower session with the use of water-proof case
  • Selection of music from personal playlists or extra input channels wirelessly connected to the home stereo receiver, cable box, satellite receiver or DVR
  • And access to all available diagnostic and maintenance features of ThermaSol products

About ThermaSol®

Since 1958, ThermaSol®, creator of the first steam shower unit for the home, has been designing and building the finest and most technologically-savvy steam shower and sauna environments available. Today, ThermaSol is one of the only 100% digital, fully networked steam systems in the world. It is also one of the only steam shower manufacturers to include Bluetooth® technology in its steam shower packages. ThermaSol, which sells light and music systems for the bath and a line of fog-free mirrors, is considered the dependable choice of professional plumbers, top designers, architects, builders and homeowners. And as a responsible green company, its steam showers use only a fraction of the water needed to power a conventional shower of the same duration. For more information visit ThermaSol at

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