Get a Nook Color for just $200 from B&N's official ebay account

2011 certainly looks and feels like the year of the tablet. One device that has enjoyed massive love from the Android community due to its price and openness to be hacked has been the Nook Color

Compared to other tablets that can get up to the $600-$800 range, the Nook Color costs $249. If you're still on the fence about getting one, Barnes and Noble is offering them for $200 through their official ebay account. 

If you're interested in this discount, head to ebay and enter in the coupon code: CBARNESDD and your Nook will instantly be $50 off. That's a great price for a tablet of the Nook's magnitude, especially with all of the hacks that have been cooked up for it recently. [ebay (opens in new tab)]

  • arrr! I called B&N about it and the nook color has a 14 day return policy. I got mine on the 7th of this month! I'm going to call corp just to see if there's a chance of getting a hook up on that deal since I'm within the 30 days :) UPDATE: called B&N Corp. and they said it's an ebay exclusive deal so they can't price match even though I bought my nook color from a B&N store. didn't hurt to check on it though!
  • I just looked at its showing $250
  • you have to enter the coupon code when checking out
  • US only. I guess I'll have to give my colourful Canadian money to Samsung or Motorola.
  • $600-$800 Xoom with no working SD card slot...or a $200 Nook - albeit with less power but it works nonetheless. Gee. Tough choice.
  • Less power? A *LOT* less CPU power. And a *LOT* less GPU power. And less memory. And much slower memory. And no GPS. And a much smaller screen. And no front camera. And no rear camera. And no compass. And no barometer. And no WiFi "N" mode. And no HDMI port. And tons more "no". It is not a reasonable comparison AT ALL.
  • I agree. I just pulled the trigger on the nook, only because I assume I'll be able to sell it for near what I paid for it during this sale when I want to upgrade to a XOOM or whatever.
  • I'm happy with my Archos 101. Yeah a spent a little more ($350 for the 8gb plus a 16gb memory card and a carrying case), but I didn't have to spend all that time rooting it to make it useful. The only thing I've done is sideload the app market which took all of 5 or 10 minutes. Its also nice having a camera so I can video chat with the family when I'm gone with work. To each his own, but I feel the Archos are great tabs for the prices.
  • I agree about to each their own. for me, it didn't take long at all to root my nook color and I'm currently running Honeycomb sdk which is what I bought it for. :) Cyanogen has it as one of his official CM7 builds and I only buy products that the CyanogenMod team supports. But for $350 you're still getting a nice tablet with the Archos 101.
  • Where is my credit from the forums :-P
  • probably with mine for the email notice :P
  • Where can i get one in the UK?
  • Wow what an awesome deal. I want one so badly but have absolutely no need for one.
  • I just pulled the trigger. I had been on the fence for some time now. Saving $50 sealed the deal. Can't wait to pour some "honey" in it. Seriously, for $200, it will be a great tablet. No, it won't have a lot of the cool hardware that a real android tablet should have these days, but I fear those tablets don't have the hardware right now they should have either (xoom, I'm talking about you!). It will be good for the android development that I do from time to time. Nothing better than a device that you don't rely on in any way, but solely for the sheer pleasure of hacking and playing with. Can't wait until it gets here!
  • Might have to grab it at this price point. My mom bought one a few weeks ago. It has a nice screen. Didn't want to muck it up for her by rooting it. Rather try rooting on something I own first.
  • This seals it for me. Dying for a tablet, had been wanting the Xoom. Was going to go wifi only. No word on when that will be arriving. Then there is the Galaxy 10.1, the Toshiba 10.1 tablet all with similar specs to the Xoom, waiting for price on those. THEN I hear about nvidia's 5 year plan and how the 4 core Kal-Els should be out "by august" (more likely end of the year). This gives me a cheap, well received tablet that will tide me over until those quad core tablets hit! Done and done.
  • Where can I find the information on how to root it/set it up, etc.? I've been toying with the idea of a tablet. I don't desperately need one, but at that price point, I might do it. I rooted my Droid, so I'm not too scared of rooting, but want to make sure I have all the info I need. Does it still work as a reader after rooting?
  • offer is over, but can still buy it on ebay direct from barnes and nobles for $179 (manufacturer refurbished with 2 week warranty)