Learn how to steal VCRs in VR with Thief Simulator on Oculus Quest

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What you need to know:

  • Polish porting studio 3r games recently released Thief Simulator on Quest.
  • Thief Simulator quickly gained a following on Steam, surpassing a million downloads.
  • The non-violent theft sim launched on Quest last week.

3r games recently ported Thief Simulator, the beloved VR theft simulation sandbox game, to the Quest and Quest 2. Previously released for PC and PS VR, the theft sim has garnered a cult following since it came out in 2018.

Originally developed by Noble Muffins and Play Way, the teams behind other popular simulation games, like Car Mechanic Simulator and Cooking Simulator, Thief Simulator aims to let players experience what it's like being a thief.

While the game may allow players to simulate crime, the developers behind the game have made it very clear that there's no violence in Thief Simulator whatsoever. Prioritizing stealth and skill-based progression, Thief Sim focuses on delivering a fun,  take on the stealth-sandbox game.

Fans of the Hitman series will recognize how Thief Simulator encourages players to study the patterns of their targets and learn everything they can about a house before making a move. Also like Hitman, Murphy's Law absolutely applies to Thief Simulator. Make a wrong move and you might find yourself at the back of a cop car.

Every studio involved is well aware of the optics that accompany the very idea of a theft simulator, too. While the object of the game is to break into houses and pilfer people's possessions, 3r games claims that the game is meant to educate players on theft prevention by putting them through the steps that a thief would take before robbing a house.

Thief Simulator is available now on Quest and Quest 2 for $19.99.


Thief Simulator delivers a silly, fun, nonviolent theft sandbox that doubles down on stealth and puzzle-solving mechanics. 

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