The Twilight Zone VR launches for Oculus Quest 2 this July

Twilight Zone VR
(Image credit: Fun Train)

What you need to know

  • The Twilight Zone VR will be launching on July 14 for Oculus Quest 2.
  • A teaser trailer that featured elements of the television show was released alongside the announcement, though no gameplay was shown.
  • A PlayStation VR version is still planned, but will not be launching with the Quest 2 version this July.

The Twilight Zone VR, a virtual reality game based on the popular CBS science fiction television show, will be coming to Oculus Quest 2 on July 14, publisher Fun Train announced today.

A short teaser trailer was revealed today with the announcement, though not much was shown in terms of gameplay. Although, it did feature the Oculus Quest 2 headset with the iconic opening theme and an imitation of the classic Twilight Zone monologue to set the stories up.

The game will contain three stories at launch and feature "concepts" created by Farpoint and The Division writer Rob Yescomb and Forty Acres screenwriter Dwayne Alexander Smith. Post-launch DLC or additional stories have not been announced. The three stories within the game include:

  • Character Building - A video game director discovers that workplace cruelty is a dangerous game.
  • Deadline Earth - The clock is ticking for a science fiction writer who finds himself captive on an insidious alien vessel.
  • Terror Firma - After an environmental apocalypse, one survivor must face mysterious phantoms as he searches the city ruins for a glimmer of Hope.

The Twilight Zone VR is being developed by Pocket Money Games, which previously brought Superhot to VR and quickly became one of the best Quest 2 games. A PlayStation VR version had been previously announced, but will not be launching alongside the Meta Quest 2 version on July 14. The publisher said on Twitter in a reply to the announced release date that the PlayStation VR version is still planned and in the works.

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