Sony details new PS VR2 broadcasting options and see-through view

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What you need to know

  • Sony shared new details on the PS VR2 headset, revealing that the system features a see-through mode and the ability to broadcast gameplay.
  • Players can customize their play area while using the PS VR2, setting custom borders for a particular room. 
  • Sony is planning to share more details on games and the launch of the system soon.

We still don't have a price or release date, but Sony is sharing more details on what to expect from the upcoming PS VR2 headset. 

Sony confirmed via PlayStation Blog that PS VR2 will feature a "see-through" mode, allowing users to look around their room and locate things without taking the headset off. This mode is notably for viewing only and cannot be recorded. 

For anyone that's interested in streaming their reaction while they play games, the PS VR2 supports streaming when hooked up to a PS5 Camera, which will also include the user in the broadcast, so people can share their reactions to different virtual reality experiences. 

(Image credit: PlayStation)

Using the PS VR2 Sense controllers, players can also customize their playing area, tweaking the details of what is and isn't allowed to create a safer environment. The headset will warn players if they are starting to leave this area, and it can be adjusted at any time. 

Finally, the headset also supports a Cinematic mode, which will allow users to view the PS5 system, UI and any regular PS5 games in a theater-like experience.

Sony also noted that more details will be shared soon, including when the headset will be launching and what kind of games will be featured. So far, a handful of titles for the system have been revealed, including a port of Resident Evil Village and the first-person Horizon Call of the Mountain.


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