Meta finally kills the Oculus Quest 2 name with a new site and retail store

Meta Quest 2 store landing page
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Update (April 25, 12 pm ET): Meta confirms the website rebrand as well as a new retail store launch in Burlingame, California.

What you need to know

  • Visiting now redirects to the Meta/Facebook store page instead.
  • Oculus accounts and orders placed before April 25, 2022 are still handled through the old Oculus store via dedicated store links.
  • Meta continues to remove the Oculus branding from all places it's mentioned in, including Oculus logos mostly being replaced on new Quest 2 headsets.
  • Meta is also opening a new retail store on May 9th where Meta products can be tried firsthand.

Folks visiting the Oculus website will be greeted with a very different store landing page, starting today, April 25, 2022. now automatically redirects to, featuring only Meta names and logos throughout the page. In fact, clicking on your Facebook icon on the top right lets you know that you'll need to visit the Oculus profile page to manage your Oculus account settings and view Oculus orders placed before April 25, 2022.

The website relaunch coincides with the opening of Meta's first retail store in Burlingame, California. More information on that retail experience is included in the update section below. As it stands, it looks like the Oculus Quest 2 name is now more dead than ever, being slowly replaced with the name Meta Quest 2 on almost everything.

The company looks to continue making the name change push amid users on Twitter regularly pointing out that Google search trends for the Oculus name have only grown since the Meta rebrand last Fall and the name Meta Quest 2 doesn't look to be catching on. At the least, consumers will continue to see more Meta logos in place of Oculus ones when deciding between the 128GB and 256GB Quest 2

Given that accounts are still handled through the old Oculus stores, it's not clear how Meta is going to move forward with its plans to eventually get rid of the forced Facebook login on Quest headsets. Many hope that this will happen sooner rather than later — something we just mentioned on the latest episode of the Android Central Podcast — but one thing is certainly clear: the Oculus name is on its way out, probably forever.


Meta's first retail store in Burlingame, California

(Image credit: Meta)

Meta launched the new website to coincide with its first retail store, which is opening in Burlingame, California on May 9, 2022. At the 1,550 square foot store, folks can try out a variety of Meta-branded products including Portal — which was just rebranded from Facebook Portal to Meta Portal with the store launch — as well as Ray-Ban Stories and the Meta Quest 2.

The Quest 2 section of the store allows potential customers to try out the Quest 2 for themselves, alongside the choice of playing Beat Saber, GOLF+, Real VR Fishing, or Supernatural. The user's experience is beamed to the giant curved LED screen in that corner of the store, and a 30-second mixed reality clip of the demo experience can be downloaded for sharing to your favorite social media platform or friends.

The store is open from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM Monday to Friday and is located at 322 Airport Blvd in Burlingame, California.

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