Do you need a Facebook account to use Oculus Quest? The rules are changing.

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Do you need a Facebook account to the Oculus Quest or Meta Quest 2?

Best answer: No. It used to be that you needed to use your Facebook social networking account to use your Quest 2 headset. However, as of Aug. 23, 2022, Meta has removed the requirement.

Au revoir, Facebook

As of Aug. 23, 2022, Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 users can no longer use a Facebook account to log into their VR headsets. Instead, users will need to make a new Meta account that is separate from any social media presence. This account is free and only used to manage purchases and digital library ownership.

Meta had originally announced in October 2021 that the Facebook account requirement for Meta VR headsets would be sunsetted in the future. It took nearly a year for Meta to roll out the new accounts system, but that's now officially available.

From now on, users who put on their Meta VR headsets for the first time will be instructed to create a new Meta account so that they can continue to use their headsets. Only one account per headset can be used.

Meta accounts and Meta Horizon profiles

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Users will then create individual Meta Horizon profiles for each user, which contain a person’s name, username, personal digital likeness avatar, and other pertinent information.

Once a Meta account and Meta Horizon profile are set up, users can then optionally link their Facebook or Instagram accounts to their Meta account for a seamless social experience. Unlike the current Facebook account design, users who get banned from Facebook will still be able to use their Meta Quest headsets since it will use a separate, unlinked Meta account.

One of the biggest problems with using a Facebook account is that your social media posts could affect your ability to log in and use your Oculus Quest. If your Facebook account got banned for something you said on social media, you'd lose all access to your Quest and any games purchased on it.

Thankfully, that mess is now history.

What will happen to my Oculus account?

All Meta VR headset users must use a Meta account by Jan. 1, 2023. Existing Oculus accounts can be merged with a new Meta account, which will operate similarly to the existing Oculus accounts system.

Users who log in to their Quest or Quest 2 with a Facebook account will be required to migrate to a Meta account immediately following the update's availability.

If you previously merged your Oculus account with your Facebook account, you will now be able to unlink those accounts in favor of a Meta account.

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