NVIDIA welcomes Game Pass with open arms

Watching a sunset in No Man's Sky
(Image credit: Hello Games)

What you need to know

  • PC Game Pass is arriving on NVIDIA's Geforce NOW streaming service, NVIDIA announced today.
  • The first wave of added titles includes Deathloop, Grounded, and No Man's Sky.
  • More games will be added every month as they are onboarded.

Cloud gaming appears to be an emerging trend, as it's incredibly accessible across all kinds of devices, and now it’s getting a boost thanks to a new-ish collaboration between Microsoft and NVIDIA.

NVIDIA announced today that it’s rolling out access to Xbox’s PC Game Pass — and select Microsoft Store titles — on its GeForce NOW streaming service this week. This means that Game Pass subscribers can now start streaming PC games directly on GeForce Now on various devices, including Android phones. Games range from first-person shooters such as Gears 5 and Deathloop to adventure games like Grounded.

“With the Microsoft Store integration, members will see a brand-new Xbox button on supported PC games and can seamlessly launch these titles across their devices, provided they either purchased the standalone games through the Microsoft Store or have an active Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or PC Game Pass subscription,” said Nvidia in the announcement.

The company explains that while the integration is now in effect, not all PC Game Pass titles are available to stream right now on NVIDIA's service. So, subscribers will need to wait a little longer for their entire library of games to be onboarded on the streaming service. 

In the meantime, as NVIDIA highlights in its announcement, the first round of titles that are now available on the service include WrestleQuest, Jumplight Odyssey, Blasphemous 2, Crusader Kings III, No Man’s Sky, and more. 

This integration is coming after Microsoft signed a 10-year Xbox games licensing deal with Nvidia in February. The company made the agreement to quell concerns following its acquisition of Activision Blizzard last year.

Microsoft already supports cloud gaming with the PC Game Pass, but the expansion to NVIDIA's service means more streaming options for gamers. The service explains in a support document that new games will be added “each month.”

“NVIDIA and Microsoft are working together to bring Xbox PC Game Pass titles and Microsoft Store games to GeForce NOW,” NVIDIA explains. “Each game on GeForce NOW needs to be onboarded and tested to ensure members can stream them without any issues, and it can sometimes take a little longer to onboard them across all supported platforms.”