Disney Mirrorverse is a mobile action RPG that's launching in June 2022

Disney Mirrorverse Baymax image
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  • Disney Mirrorverse is a new mobile action-RPG from Kabam.
  • The game takes place in an alternate universe where Disney characters band together against the evil Fractured.
  • Disney Mirrorverse is scheduled to launch on June 23, 2022. 
  • Anyone who pre-registers for Disney Mirrorverse will get in-game bonuses. 

Disney Mirrorverse is a new action role-playing game from developer and publisher Kabam. Disney Mirrorverse features classic Disney characters, though they might be a bit more rough-and-tumble than usual, as the game takes place in an alternate universe of magic where these characters are arming up to defend the world from the Fractured. 

You can check out the reveal trailer below:

In Disney Mirrorverse, players will take command of a squad of three Guardians, including characters like Sully, Maleficent, and Baymax. Each of these Guardians can be customized to better thrive in the real-time combat, executing special attacks or just being set to auto-play. 

Players can adventure across the game's story mode, as well as join an Alliance, take on limited-time events for special items, or delve into dangerous dungeons, the latter of which allows for competition against other players and alliances alike. The developers are promising monthly updates, meaning there'll frequently be new content for players to check out, including new missions and characters from across Disney and Pixar history.

Disney Mirrorverse is currently slated to launch on June 23, 2022. It's available for players to pre-register on the Google Play Store and App Store right now. Anyone that pre-registers on the Google Play Store or App Store will get the exclusive Stellar Mirror or Golden Mickey Mouse avatars, respectively. The developers are also offering numerous bonuses, including for in-game currency and other items, if certain milestones for pre-registration are reached. 

Depending on how the game turns out, it could end up as one of the best Android games available right now.

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