Best Legends in Apex Legends Mobile on Android: Character tier list

Apex Legends Mobile Fade art
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Apex Legends is known for its wide cast of characters, and Respawn Entertainment's transition into mobile gaming territory doesn't abandon this design pillar. 

We've ranked the different characters of Apex Legends Mobile into tiers based on what we've found so far. As existing characters are updated or rebalanced and new characters are added to the fray, this tier ranking will almost certainly change over time. 

Apex Legends Mobile: character tier list

Every character in Apex Legends Mobile can be effective depending on the strategies you employ and how skilled you are at the game. With that said, some of them are a bit easier to pick up than others, and there's a reason that not every character in this excellent Android game is currently present in the mainline experience. Here's how they rank for us right now:

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SFade, Bloodhound
AOctane, Wraith, Lifeline, Mirage, Loba
BGibraltar, Pathfinder, Caustic, Rhapsody

While every character in Apex Legends Mobile can use the same guns, attachments, and other great weapons found scattered across the battlefield, what sets them apart is their different abilities. Each Legend has three abilities: Tactical, Passive, and Ultimate. 

The Tactical ability has a short cooldown, the Passive is always active, and the Ultimate has a long cooldown, though it can be shortened through a variety of actions across the map.

Apex Legends Mobile character tier list: Bangalore

Apex Legends Art Bangalore

(Image credit: Electronic Arts)

Bangalore, real name Anita Williams, was born intro a military family. Serving the IMC, her brother Jackson appeared to have died during an attack. Now, Bangalore is working to earn money in the games.

Strategy: Bangalore suffers in the mobile version due to the generally-slower pace of the game. She can deploy smoke and speed up, but these aren't unique to her, and other Legends can do it better. Her Ultimate is devastating if aimed correctly, however.

Here's all of Bangalore's abilities:

  • Smoke Launcher (Tactical): Fire a smoke grenade, creating cover.
  • Double Time (Passive): When fired upon, Bangalore briefly moves faster.
  • Rolling Thunder (Ultimate): Bangalore calls in an artillery strike.

Apex Legends Mobile character tier list: Bloodhound

Apex Legends Art Bloodhound

(Image credit: Electronic Arts)

Little is known of the mysterious Bloodhound. They were born on the planet Talos, and were taken in by an uncle when their parents died. Now, Bloodhound applies the tracking skills learned on the Frontier in the games.

Strategy: Bloodhound's simple-but-efficient ability to look through walls makes them an excellent choice in the mobile game. Tap this as frequently as it comes up. Beast of the Hunt should be saved for big encounters, but can be a lifesaver.

Here's all of Bloodhound's abilities:

  • Eye of the Allfather (Tactical): Bloodhound briefly spots enemies, traps, and objects through walls. 
  • Tracker (Passive): Bloodhound can view tracks enemies leave.
  • Beast of the Hunt: Bloodhound moves faster and sees enemies through walls.

Apex Legends Mobile character tier list: Caustic

Apex Legends Art Caustic

(Image credit: Electronic Arts)

Caustic, or Alexander Nox, used to be a researcher testing pesticides. Growing frustrated, he's gone rogue and tests his new toxins against human beings in the games. 

Strategy: Given the slower pace of the mobile game, clever timing with Caustic's traps will come in handy by laying them down in chokepoints where you know enemies will come through. Then you can gun them down as they stagger through the gas.

Here's all of Caustic's abilities:

  • Nox Gas Trap (Tactical): Caustic drops containers of toxic gas that explode when shot.
  • Nox Vision (Passive): Caustic can see through his clouds of toxic gas.
  • Nox Gas Grenade (Ultimate): Caustic covers a huge chunk of the battlefield in front of him in toxic gas.

Apex Legends Mobile character tier list: Fade

Apex Legends Mobile Fade art

(Image credit: Electronic Arts)

Ignacio Huamaní took up the name Fade when a task went wrong and his family died. His suit, acquired for a mysterious employer, hurtled him through dimensions. Now he's putting it to good use in the games.

Strategy: There's a reason Fade is currently mobile-exclusive. His ability to rewind, similar to Tracer in Overwatch, completely changes the game, and is a huge advantage with the mobile game's more-limited aiming and movement. His Ultimate requires thoughtful use, but can shut an enemy squad down if used right.

Here's all of Fade's abilities:

  • Flash Back (Tactical): Fade is transported through space and time, moving to a previous location.
  • Slipstream (Passive): Fade is faster when sliding.
  • Phase Chamber (Ultimate): Fade throws a special core, and any Legends hit are unable to deal or receive damage for a few seconds.

Apex Legends Mobile character tier list: Gibraltar

Apex Legends Art Gibraltar

(Image credit: Electronic Arts)

Makoa Gibraltar is described as a "gentle giant," with a sense of compassion and a strive to help others. After his father lost an arm saving him and his boyfriend from a motorcycle accident, Gibraltar is trying to bring his protective abilities to the games.

Strategy: While the slower pace of the game plays well with Gibraltar's passive ability, his lack of any speedy abilities means he can't reposition easily. If you make it to the endgame, clever use of his tactical can ensure victory by locking down a particular safe point away from enemy fire.

Here's all of Gibraltar's abilities:

  • Dome of Protection (Tactical): Gibraltar throws down a bubble shield that briefly protects a small area from damage.
  • Gun Shield (Passive): When aiming down sights, Gibraltar gets a shield that deflects damage from the front.
  • Defensive Bombardment (Ultimate): Gibraltar calls down a mortar strike.

Apex Legends Mobile character tier list: Lifeline

Apex Legends Art Lifeline

(Image credit: Electronic Arts)

Lifeline, or Ajay Che, was born to wealthy parents, but she grew disillusioned with how they profited off the suffering of war. She's joined the games in order to fund the Frontier Corps with her winnings.

Strategy: Lifeline's drone makes her a valuable member of any team, and she's an especially great choice for anyone new to the game that wants to play a support role. If you find yourself relying on her drop pod however, you're not scavenging enough from the battlefield.

Here's all of Lifeline's abilities: 

  • D.O.C. Heal Drone (Tactical): Lifeline's Drone of Compassion heals nearby allies.
  • Combat Revive (Passive): Lifeline's Drone of Compassion revives teammates, allowing her to still move around and fight.
  • Care Package (Ultimate): Lifeline calls in a drop pod with a variety of gear and supplies.

Apex Legends Mobile character tier list: Loba

Loba image

(Image credit: EA)

An expert thief with years of experience in pickpocketing, Loba stole a teleportation bracelet to enable her greater access to more secure items. She joined the games to exact revenge on Revenant, the man who killed her family.

Strategy: Loba's abilities can give your team an early advantage, allowing you to gain a large amount of decent loot very quickly. To maximize Loba's potential, it's a good idea to drop into a hotspot, but make sure she has enough cover. 

Here's all of Loba's abilities: 

  • Burglar's Best Friend (Tactical) Throw your bracelet and teleport to its location.
  • Eye For Quality (Passive): Nearby Epic and Legendary loot can be seen through walls.
  • Black Market Boutique (Ultimate): Loot a surrounding area via a portable shop placed on the ground.

Apex Legends Mobile character tier list: Mirage

Apex Legends Art Mirage

(Image credit: Electronic Arts)

Fun-loving jokester Elliott Witt, or Mirage, is the youngest in a large family, with four older brothers. Working with his mother, Mirage looked into engineering with holographic technology.

Strategy: Mirage's decoy is much more effective in Apex Legends Mobile than it is in the original game, with the lower overall game speed and maneuverability making it easier to mistake a hologram for the real player. Exploit this!

Here's all of Mirage's abilities:

  • Psyche Out (Tactical): Mirage deploys a decoy that appears identical and moves in a straight line.
  • Now You See Me... (Passive): Mirage is cloaked when using Respawn Beacons or reviving teammates.
  • Life of the Party (Ultimate): Mirage sends decoys in every direction.

Apex Legends Mobile character tier list: Octane

Apex Legends Mobile Octane

(Image credit: Electronic Arts)

Octavio Silva, or Octane, is the son of a medicinal mogul, who fills his time with dangerous stunts. He got his trademark cybernetic legs when he tried to break a record using a grenade-assisted jump.

Strategy: Because he can sacrifice health in order to gain speed, but also naturally heals, Octane is perfect for scouting ahead of the rest of team. He also won't require as much of the healing gear as other Legends.

Here's all of Octane's abilities:

  • Stim (Tactical): Octane loses a chunk of health and moves 30% faster for six seconds.
  • Swift Mend (Passive): Octane heals over time.
  • Launch Pad (Ultimate): Octane creates a jump pad for himself and teammates.

Apex Legends Mobile character tier list: Pathfinder

Apex Legends Art Pathfinder

(Image credit: Electronic Arts)

As one of the many MRVN robots, Pathfinder was originally meant for simple janitorial work. After he booted up, he realized he had several new upgrades for navigation, with no recollection of who modified him. He's playing in the games in the hopes of one day finding out. 

Strategy: Because of the more limited aiming controls in Apex Legends Mobile, Pathfinder's grappling hook is a lot harder to use. His ability to learn where the ring is closing remains useful, and his zipline can save a team in distress with a quick getaway.

Here's all of Pathfinder's abilities:

  • Grappling Hook (Tactical): Pathfinder can use a grappling hook to reach otherwise-impossible areas.
  • Insider Knowledge (Passive): Pathfinder learns the next location of the closing ring when scanning a Survey Beacon.
  • Zipline Gun (Ultimate): Pathfinder creates a zipline for the team to use.

Apex Legends Mobile character tier list: Rhapsody

Rhapsody image

(Image credit: EA)

Rhapsody lets her music do the talking, gaining a reputation in the dangerous nightlife district of Neon Dunes where she honed her craft. Rhapsody possesses powerful music based abilities, accompanied by Rowdy, a robot that can amplify her sound. 

Strategy: Rhapsody can be extremely useful when combined with the right teammates. The speed boost that comes with her tactical ability can give already speedy Legends like Octane a huge advantage, for example. Just beware of her Ultimate ability, as although it can be handy, enemies can hear it from 80m away. 

Here's all of Rhapsody's abilities:

  • Hype Anthem (Tactical): Rhapsody plays a powerful track, providing a small movement boost to the team and healing all shields by 2 bars.
  • Gifted Ear (Passive): The player can view the enemy’s footsteps from as far as 50m.
  • Rowdy’s Rave (Ultimate): Rhapsody summons her robot, Rowdy to create a gigantic disco-themed wall that protects her and her teammates if nearby.

Apex Legends Mobile character tier list: Wraith

Apex Legends Art Wraith

(Image credit: Electronic Arts)

The woman known as Renee Blasey can't remember who she was before she became Wraith. She was betrayed by a science partner and her memory erased, left with mysterious voices in her head.

Strategy: Wraith's portals require clever thinking to use effectively, but if you take time to learn the map, she's great for keeping the team moving. Her passive lets you detect enemy teams early, while tactical helps in surviving first contact, making her an excellent vanguard for any team.

Here's all of Wraith's abilities:

  • Into the Void (Tactical): Wraith moves through the void, avoiding damage.
  • Voices from the Void (Passive): A voice warns Wraith when danger is nearby.
  • Dimensional Rift (Ultimate): Wraith creates two portals usable by her and her team for 60 seconds.

More to come?

Apex Legends Mobile is an ongoing free-to-play game, and it's overwhelmingly likely that more Legends will be added to the roster as time goes on. These could be characters that are in the main version of Apex Legends for consoles and PC, or it could be original characters like Fade. We'll keep you up to date as things roll out.


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