Gameloft games added to Android Market, despite Amazon Appstore claims

It looks like Gameloft has been adding some games in the Android Market recently. The company is known for having some great mobile games, but restricitng their purchases through their own online store. But in a recent interview with Reuters, Gameloft's Chief Executive Michel Guillemot said that the company is looking to bring their games to the Amazon Appstore.

"The Amazon ecosystem is controlled where we don't find too many pirated version of our games or malware games, so for the consumers, it will be a safer place to come and get applications."

Since that interview, the company has released two new games in the Android Market: Order & Chaos Online and N.O.V.A. 2 HD. As for the Amazon Appstore, there is only one game present. This isn't the first time Gameloft has played around with their distribution model either. Gameloft makes some pretty good games for Android, and we love playing them, but we're just wondering when they're going to make them all available in one place. Where do you guys want to buy your Android games? Android Market, Amazon Appstore, or developer website? Let us know in the comments!

Download: Nova 2, Order & Chaos; Thanks for the tip, mrspock2002!

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  • I just use amazon for the free app of the day. And android market for everything else.
  • I do the same. Occasionally I might buy something on Amazon, but I don't like how they don't seem to update their apps as frequently. Also, the way they update pisses me off. If I uninstall an app (which can't be done from the Amazon app store), eventually it will show up in my account as needing to be installed...and that never goes away. The Market is much better laid out.
  • You can just ignore that tho... They should probably slide to the bottom but in essence it works the same as the Android Market where purchased but not installed apps show up as Purchased at the bottom of the My Apps list. In either case they're there so you can easily find and re-install past purchases. Amazon updates frequently enough, some updates (Angry Birds for instance) just lag a little behind the Market but it's not like they're missing entire update cycles or anything. Like most anyone tho, I go to Amazon for the bargains. They often have more than one free app of the day, even tho only one is showcased.
  • That's exactly what I do as well. Also as stated the way Amazon issues updates sucks big time and having to be logged in to use apps is horrendous! If I didn't use some of the apps I got from them on a daily basis I would get rid of the Amazon App Store.
  • Me too
  • Me too
  • That's exactly what I do too durth. Makes life easier. I'm not a fan of having apps that I bought in several different places. Plus I like that I can redownload my apps regardless of the developers restrictions. For example: You own 2 devices, with Gameloft you can only have your app on one device. But if you buy it via Android Market, you can use it on all of your devices at once. This helps people who have Tablets and a phone. Right now if you buy via a developer site, your stuck with using your app with one device, with no guarantee of re-downloading it in the future.
  • Gameloft actually changed their policy recently (within the past 2 months I think) that allowed you to download and play your copy on all your devices.
  • Which also means they can change their policy AGAIN at any time they like and screw the customer. Welcome to the cloud...
  • This of course works until the developers or publishers of the app on the Market (or wherever else) decide to change the terms. EA has been known to do this, among other developers. For instance. Purchase Need4Speed and Tetris when it is on sale. Works great. Later have to rebuild phone, find I can't download app again. Now says not allowed on my Carrier. ? Other apps I've had that issue with were later removed from market and then re-uploaded as a separate package with the same title so they wouldn't have to support the previous purchases (I won't name them as I truly do like their stuff and it had to do with a licensing problem). Makes me glad my devices were rooted so I was able to back up my _LEGITIMATELY BOUGHT FOR APPLICATIONS_ (paid in US$, and I have the receipts, bank statements, and ScreenShots to prove it). To you folks out there stealing apps and games; I hope you manage to contract DroidDream or another particular nasty bit of kit along with your 'free' game. A nice run-up on your bill with premium txt lines texted should help wake you up. This stuff isn't expensive, and if it isn't in your zone's market, there are better ways to obtain it than trying to pirate it. Still not a valid excuse.
  • The response I got about the EA thing was that when they first put out their apps on the Android Market, they had one version of each title. But now that Verizon and EA have a contract, EA was forced to put out a Verizon only version of each app, some at higher prices. Now if you buy the Verizon only version you'll always be able to use it. Though their DRM is horrid. I guess this makes sense seeing that most of Verizon's Android phones come with an EA game or two preloaded.
  • as long as the amazon appstore is restricted to US customers only, it's probably better for them and a huge number of android gamers to offer their games on the android market.
  • One place is bad, Amazon is only available in the US, why miss out on tens of millions of users by choice?
    They are suppose to be in it for the money right? so the Android market has the widest spread and the biggest client base.
  • I like having the choice of where to buy apps. I do feel Amazon's store is probably safer since they do check the apps out first. Google's market can be open and safe as long as the end user uses a little bit of common sense when downloading apps though. I just love the fact we get to choose where we get our apps.
  • I prefer the android market, but the thing is is that Gameloft feels the need to price their game $2 higher in the market than on their store. Add to that the deals that they like to throw out from time to time (BOGO and can currently get 2 free games for trying out the Gameloft Club) and I'll stick to buying from Gameloft for the time being. For some reason this reminds me... why does the market still not support redemption codes? Sure you can just give out your APK, but for the end user it would be so much better to have it go through the market. (Would be great for BETA apps)
  • What is bad with buying on the gameloft site is if you own more than one device you can't use your game on all of them. I think the extra $2 is well worth the investment due to the fact your unrestricted on the amount of devices you use the software on.
  • See my reply above. You can now. I've been using a single purchased copy of NOVA and Spiderman on both my phone and tablet. Both work fine. (Though for some reason my tablet keeps getting pushed into random accounts and Gameloft CS seems very intent on not responding to me.)
  • Yes but their official stance is still one copy on one device. Their updated terms just allow you to redownload an app to another device IF you replace the old one. If they found out you used a single license on two devices at the same time they'd do something about it. With the Android Market - your always allowed to officially do it. This is one reason why I still like Apple's iPhone when it comes to apps. Your always sure that you can use the app on all of your apple devices and be sure of compatibility. With Android that's not always the case due to it's openness and diverse amount of phones. So previous apps you bought may not always work on all of your new devices. That's one bad thing about Android.
  • Actually you will find that the versions on the Android Market are very restricted in what phones it will allow installation to. For instance, the NOVA 2 release: SonyEricsson Xperia Play is supported on their website, and you can purchase, download, and play. From the Market version? Nope. Only specific phones can install it. My Xperia Play isn't one of them, nor is my Moto Droid.
  • redemption code ?
    that doesn't sound like 2011 tech at all.
  • I'm talking about instances where someone wins a contest or you want to buy it as a gift for someone. Currently there is no way to do so.
  • I can't imagine why they would go to the Amazon Appstore. If you have read that piece from the developer a little while ago it seems like not a lot is actually being downloaded from Amazon. Sure when they have the free app that may get a good few thousand downloads but then 3 days later it returns to the oblivion. That and the fact that it takes forever for apps to get approved even if it is the tiniest of bug fixes. I think they need to realise that if someone can get their games then they can get pirated, regardless of wether they are on their own site, Amazon or the Android Market. Rather have them in the Android Market where they have over 100 countries to potentially sell to.
  • I want to buy my android apps on the android market, period.
    I have been wanting to play to NOVA for over a year, but there is no way i will register to Gameloft site and buy an application directly from them or anyone else.
  • Plan on buying this and battleheart today. The app market is really coming along on the phone side of thing.
  • I quit using the Amazon app store because it takes up more room on my phone and it has to be loaded to be able to use an app you download from it. This is a problem because of the 1gb of internal memory on my Evo. When I upgrade it won't be a problem any more so it won't really matter to me.
  • The Evo 4G has 512MB of memory, not 1GB. Perhaps you meant "internal storage"?
  • Meh. I buy physical stuff from Target, Amazon, Newegg, Sam’s Club etc. etc. depending on what it is and how much each one wants to charge. It doesn’t take *that* much effort to keep everything straight. Apps from two online stores are pretty much the same thing. Not that hard. I can reach both of them pretty easily whilst sitting on my lazy ***. -Suntan
  • I looked in the Android Market on my EVO and can't find N.O.V.A. 2. I can't even find the original N.O.V.A that I already have. Is it not available for my EVO, or is it only available for the Tegra 2 phones?
  • Sweeeet ....been waiting for order & chaos for a while. Haven't played a mmorpg since EQ1 - too much trouble. But this sounds easy and fun.
  • Wait what, not compatible with Tegra2 devices? How bloody retarded is that.
  • Android Market is my go-to for apps, with the Amazon App Store only for items that I know are out there but cannot locate on the Market, and the occasional "Free App Of The Day" (that's how I got Angry Birds Rio).
  • Just curious, but how is the Market notre prone to piracy than the Amazon appstore? Is it because you can return apps?
  • In order to play an Amazon purchased game, you must be logged into Amazon. With the Android market, you don't, so there's nothing stopping someone from buying the game, pulling out the .apk, then distributing that .apk to other Android devices by side-loading. It's actually perfectly understandable why this isn't optimal for GameLoft, though I'd honestly prefer if they provided free Demos on the Android market then allowed devices to unlock the full game via in-app purchase. I refuse to install the Amazon app store because I don't like being forced to keep the app store installed to play my games.
  • I just stick to the android market, due it updating apps in a brisk pace.
  • No tegra Devices is DUMB
  • Damn, Order and Chaos not available for droid incredible.
  • I think the title of the article should be changed to"
    Gameloft games added to Android Market **for a very few devices**
    despite Amazon Appstore claims." Unhappy Droid X2 owner here.
  • I think it's hilarious that Gameloft is crying about piracy and people stealing their software but I have yet to see a single Gameloft game that wasn't a complete and utter ripoff of some other IP. Halo, Diablo, God of War, it's all just a reskin of a game someone else did better. Maybe if they made something original I'd want to buy their crap in the first place.
  • True. . . Gameloft games are blatant rip offs of other popular studio ips. However, they are also super high quality and some of the best games out on any mobile platform - but especially android - where there is no real competition for premium A+ games. I've pretty much downloaded them all (they had a fire sale in March - every game .99 cents). Virtually all of them are superb.
  • No No No. I can't find it in the Market on my EVO. I'm asking if it is ONLY compatible with Tegra 2 devices. I can't see it at all in the Market and don't want to buy it on the web version of the Market if it won't run on my EVO. Can anyone confirm what Phones the game is compatible with because if it ONLY runs on Tegra 2, I'm definitely getting the Photon.
  • I don't buy games at all. There are too many good free ones, now that Amazon is giving them away. I love PopCap games, LOL. I now prefer to use the Amazon appstore for everything. I now only go to the Market when I need to update my apps I already got from there. I don't even consider installing games straight from developer websites - I need dozens and dozens of reviews (even if from troglodytes who can't string words together well) to let me know if it totally sucks or not before I waste my time on installing it.
  • Wow, Order & Chaos is epic. Enjoying it now on my DX1. Been waiting on this for a while.
  • Why can't I find NOVA 2 in the Market on my EVO. Is the EVO not supported?
  • I found several Gameloft games but no NOVA 2. That's odd. Is it supported on the EVO 4G or not?