GameClub's mobile gaming subscription service launches on Android for $4.99

Gameclub Hero
Gameclub Hero (Image credit: GameClub)

What you need to know

  • Gaming subscription service, GameClub, launches on Android today after an earlier debut on iOS.
  • It'll set you back $4.99 a month after a free trial.
  • GameClub's library has 125 apps at the moment, with over a dozen of them being new to Android.

GameClub, a mobile gaming subscription service, is now available for Android after launching on iOS in 2019. The service features a variety of games including Puzzlejuice Paint It Black, Rope Rescue, among others. Billing itself as a Netflix for games, the service has over 125 games available at launch, alongside a family plan for up to 12 additional users. On Android, GameClub says that over a dozen of the 125 titles have never been released on the platform prior.

"Subscription is a healthier and less expensive way to enjoy games, eliminating the oppressive ads and loot boxes that define so-called free-to-play," said GameClub CEO Dan Sherman, "GameClub is the only service that brings these benefits to the entire world of iOS and Android gamers. We're expanding our offering to deliver affordable, skill-based entertainment to gamers everywhere, on nearly any mobile phone or tablet."

The GameClub library curated by Touch Arcade's Eli Hodapp, and is available for just $4.99 after a free trial. Gaming subscription services are becoming more popular. Apple launched Arcade last September, while Google has its own Play Pass and Stadia. GameClub doesn't quite have the breadth or market power of those two juggernauts, but for people who are into older mobile games, they could prove to be a useful service.

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