Brace yourself for winter with these Game of Thrones wallpapers

Game of Thrones season 7 is upon us, and we all know what that means! Another few months of shocked gasps, heartbreaking storylines, and SO much death. Whether you've been along since season 1 (which feels like a lifetime ago now), or you hopped on the banddragon later on, it's time to break out the popcorn and get ready to rumble! But before the new season and all its drama comes, let's deck our phones in some Game of Thrones glory!

A number of things come to mind in this beautifully macabre scene. It's lonely at the top. The road to the top stomps over a lot of bodies. But mostly to my mind what comes to mind is blood. That's a whole lot of blood. Like put-the-Red-Wedding-to-shame whole lot of blood.

Winter Has Come by James Bousema

The Iron Throne is the subject for a lot of wallpapers, but this surprisingly simple symmetric wallpaper pulls me in somehow. And this DeviantArt user has a whole gallery of poster-type wallpapers for us to showcase our House pride with.

Iron Throne by jjfwh

Another series of wallpapers with German-style crests on parchment backgrounds stirs something within me. I dunno if it's just how I was trained by Harry Potter or if it's the helmets atop each crest (look at the Magneto-style helmet for House Martell!!), but if you've got to wear a House crest into battle — or work, more often work — it's hard to go wrong with these beauties, originally from Reddit.

The Old Houses of Westeros

While deer are not my favorite animals, the ones used in the iconography for Baratheon house are just the most majestic animals on the show (and that quite possibly includes the dragons). And this illustration of a Baratheon stag, quite possibly with magical powers judging by the aura surrounding it and its glowing white eyes, is the most majestic I've come across yet. I look in those glowing eyes and I've never believed harder in OURS IS THE FURY.

Baratheons by Looksnookem

"You know nothing, Jon Snow."

This may be one of the most quoted lines of the decade, and even if a lot has happened to the now King of the North since then, it's still a quote that will forever be tied to one of Game of Thrones' most recognized and loved characters. We're a far cry from these woods now, and while Winter has finally come, this wallpaper will forever be a masterpiece. This mostly monochromatic piece uses a few splashes of red in some most dramatic and beautiful way possible; I can feel the murderous intent in those blood red eyes!

You Kno' Nothin' Jon Sno' by Cakes-and-Comics{.cta large}

Ara Wagoner

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