Galaxy S9+ vs iPhone X: A MrMobile/TechnoBuffalo Collab

To anchor a collaboration years in the making, Jon Rettinger and I chose a comparison that never seems to get old. That's right: for the ninth year running, it's Galaxy vs iPhone time as we put Samsung's Galaxy S9+ head to head with Apple's iPhone X! In this break from the traditional MrMobile format, I visit the TechnoBuffalo offices for a podcast-like debate with Jon Rettinger on the merits of iOS vs Android, FaceID vs iris scanning, and simplicity vs customizability. We evaluate the iPhone X and Galaxy S9+ across five separate categories -- and in keeping with TechnoBuffalo tradition, there are no cop-outs allowed: every category gets a score, and an ultimate "winner" is indeed crowned! At the end of it all, we flip the objective into the subjective with our own choices for which would find a home in our own pockets.

A comparison this big takes two videos to tackle, so brew up a pot of something hot and plant your phone in front of your face for Galaxy S9+ vs iPhone X Part 1 over at TechnoBuffalo, and Part 2 at MrMobile! Then be sure to subscribe to each channel so you don't miss the next big smartphone reviews from each!

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