Is the Galaxy Note 9's fingerprint sensor easy to use?

On the Galaxy Note 9, Samsung gives users a multitude of ways to unlock the phone. You can use iris scanning, face unlock, a combination of the two, or rely on the good-old fingerprint sensor.

The Note 8's sensor was widely received as being in an awkward position and difficult to use, so with the Note 9, Samsung brought it lower and made it more centered with the rest of the device.

Is this actually an improvement over what we had with the Note 8? Here's what the AC forum community has to say.

I actually don't like the FPS location on the note9. I liked the location on the 8 better....

Carrie Greicar

I dont mind it a bit, having it in the center. Was used to the note 8 position, and used to this one now.


I'm using the Samsung S view case on my phone and I have it set up so the phone just turns on when I lift the cover. I don't like using the FPS on this phone. I do like the layout on the S9+.


I like the location of the Note 9 FPS. It's easy for me to reach without touching the camera.


What about you? Do you like the position of the Note 9's fingerprint sensor?

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Joe Maring

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