Is the Galaxy Note 9's fingerprint sensor easy to use?

On the Galaxy Note 9, Samsung gives users a multitude of ways to unlock the phone. You can use iris scanning, face unlock, a combination of the two, or rely on the good-old fingerprint sensor.

The Note 8's sensor was widely received as being in an awkward position and difficult to use, so with the Note 9, Samsung brought it lower and made it more centered with the rest of the device.

Is this actually an improvement over what we had with the Note 8? Here's what the AC forum community has to say.

I actually don't like the FPS location on the note9. I liked the location on the 8 better....

Carrie Greicar

I dont mind it a bit, having it in the center. Was used to the note 8 position, and used to this one now.


I'm using the Samsung S view case on my phone and I have it set up so the phone just turns on when I lift the cover. I don't like using the FPS on this phone. I do like the layout on the S9+.


I like the location of the Note 9 FPS. It's easy for me to reach without touching the camera.


What about you? Do you like the position of the Note 9's fingerprint sensor?

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  • It's easy to reach but I would have preferred it a bit lower. It's definitely 100x better than the awkwardly placed fps on the Note 8.
  • Not easy at all, the position was generally improved over that of the Note 8 but then the form factor for larger. Only the palm of the incredible hulk could utilize this FPS well enough not an average human,
    iris scanning suffices.
  • Andre the Giant too lol
  • I use my toes so.......
  • Mo better, a lot more reasonable placement!
  • Are articles hard to write?
  • Funny how everyone hated FPS being on the front and so it was put on the back just for technology to start doing In Display FPS back on the front and now everyone can't wait for that to mature. I've always hated the FPS on the back no matter where it was positioned. It was always easier on the front of my S7e especially when driving or on the wireless charger. Personally, I'm looking forward for it going back to the front when the In Display matures.
  • As a non-driver, I don't understand the when driving complaint. Isn't the phone already unlocked if you're using it for navigation or music? Maybe try Android Auto?
  • No not always and depends on your security settings. I never have my phone set to unlock. No everyone has the same criteria as you with security settings nor does everyone use Android Auto.
  • No its terrible, I'd rather have no fingerprint scanner and be forced to use FaceId to unlock my phone. /end sarcasm Of course its easy to use!!!!
  • works all the time for me and I don't have a palm the size of the hulk, the face/iris is improving every time I use it too
  • Once I got used to the note8s position it was ok. Still found myself smudging up the camera a lot though trying to find the sensor. The note9 has forced me to adjust the way I hold the phone to unlock it.( In a good way) and less fumbling about and smudging up the camera.
  • I dont think I have huge hands, but I've had no problem reaching it all, every time on N9. Gloves are XL usually though. The FPS location on the Galaxy S8+ was awful and one of the reasons I sold it.
  • With a case it's much easier to find. Same with the note 8 as well. So it's great imo.
  • I hate the placement... People griped and moaned about the S8's placement causing you to smudge up the camera, but I not once had this issue... it was perfectly placed. When my index finger fell to the back of the phone, it rested there instinctively. It just worked. This placement on Note 9 is terrible... I constantly am putting my finger over the camera, and can barely even feel that the sensor is there and thus miss it completely all the time. I thought putting a case from Spigen on there would help things, as it was awesome on the S8+, but sadly nope. If anything it makes it harder to find, because the cut out is too steep for the sensor, and it causes constant 'incorrect' readings when trying to use it. . . I wish it was exactly where the S8's was....
  • Note 9 FPS is in worse position and orientation compared to Note 8. On Note 8 the FPS is next to HR sensor and orientation is vertical allowing more finger on the FPS, great for gestures using the FPS. Also helps prevent accidentally touching/smudging the camera lens. On Note 9, the FPS is located directly below the camera sensor. And orientation is horizontal. Basically encouraging more accidental touches of the camera lens. And makes using FPS gestures a little more challenging.
  • The placement is fine. I tho k the accuracy is junk. Just got the Note 9 yesterday. The scanner fails all the time, compared to my iPhone 8 Plus (that literally never failed, unless wet fingers or something). The intelligent scan is slow, and doesn't work at all at night. Couldn't use the iris scanner in bed with the lights off. The placement as far as height is okay, but back mounted scanners are awful to use. You still hit the camera all the time trying to use it. The biometrics may make me take this phone back. Have 13 days. We'll see. I do like how it barely has any Google Apps I stalled out of the box, though, and a lot of what's there can be uninstalled. I'm also not finding the battery life to be, at, better than my iPhone... And I have a bunch of stuff turned off. I'm just not seeing it. It feels the same, despite the massive disparity in battery size. That alone is making me regret moving over.
  • It's still too close to the camera sensor. Cat even register. Print without smudging up the camera. I also find it fails all the damn time. Constantly. It's like a complete crapshoot when it comes to getting the placement right. Nothing compared to Touch ID on my iPhone 8 Plus. That thing worked no matter how I placed a finger on the sensor... Iris scan isn't all that, either. Hate having to trial and error device placement for that to work with any degree of urgency... really sucks cause Samsung pass pops up an Iris scanner for verification... ugh. Intelligent Scan I merely okay. Same positioning problems, and borderline useless in the dark, IME, as it will constantly fail to unlock. The biometrics on this device are awful. It's probably the worst thing about the Note9 for me, so far. They really needed better, more secure face scanning, like Apple had. I do like Damsung Pay, though... works everywhere. Had Cashiers asking me how I managed to use DSamsung pay when their machines block everything that doesn't use Apple Pay, Lol (Yes, that's a thing here).