G1 Won't Work Without a Data Plan, Period

Buying yourself a T-Mobile G1 off eBay? Better hope that it's either unlocked or that you can get yourself an active T-Mobile SIM card. The G1's much-vaunted first step during the setup is to enter your Google login username and password. Once that happens, the G1 attempts to connect to Google's servers to get your email, contacts, and calendar set up.

Here's the thing, though, if (or when) the G1 cannot connect to the servers, you're done. There is no way to exit out of the Google setup screen, no clear way to reset the phone to bypass it (even in "safe mode"), no way to turn on WiFi. You basically have a sweet phone that can only made emergency calls.

In other words, you're stuck. We're on the phone now with T-Mobile to see how their representative manage trying to activate the device remotely. Stay tuned!

Dieter Bohn
  • [...] there’s no OS showdown yet, as the G1 won’t work without a data plan, period. [Digg [...]
  • [...] there’s no OS showdown yet, as the G1 won’t work without a data plan, period. [Digg [...]
  • [...] there’s no OS showdown yet, as the G1 won’t work without a data plan, period. [Digg [...]
  • Actually there is a little trick to it. To unlock the in terms of using it without a data plan, you have to sign up for it, let your phone register and unlock. Then you cancel your data plan the same day. I believe you wont get charged for it, and you should have a phone you can use off of WiFi
  • what do i do if i cant get wifi also am just stuck cant connect in any way
  • what do i do if i cant get wifi also am just stuck cant connect in any way
  • what do i do if i cant get wifi also am just stuck cant connect in any way
  • What exactly is the trick? After i Did a factory reset it wont let me log in to my Gmail account. All it says is "Can't establish a reliable data connection to the server" "This could be a temporarily problem or your sim card may not be provisioned for the data service. If it continues call customer care" What does this mean? Please help.
    Thanks. -Connor.
  • [...] wary, we’re not actually endorsing this option until we actually try it because we’ve already run into an issue with the T-Mobile G1 not working without a data plan. Let us know in the comments if you were able to rig this setup and have a halfway functional [...]
  • I bought T-Mobile from Ebay and called T-mobile to add data plan then cancelled it the next day. Had no problems canceling it. Now I have G1 with no data plan. Works fine can check my email etc
  • My old contact ended a while back and I want to get a nice android smartphone but my parents don't want to pay like $30 for internet every month. Is there a way that I can upgrade and do the same thing? (Cancel the internet same day and still have a functional HTC hd2?) Or do I have to do something else to do that? Please reply ASAP.
  • Nice update asshole. You said you'd update the page and you didn't. So what did T-Mobile say?!
  • Kamavel, did they charge you the full 24.99 or did they charge you a days worth
  • I did the same as Kamavel but I did everything online. When I got my phone, I went online on my computer and added the data plan to my SIM card. An hour or so later, I started my G1 and it was able to connect and authenticate my gmail userid/password. As soon as I was in, I canceled my data plan online. The bill will come next month, but I doubt they will charge me the whole $24.99. I have done such things before with other services (bundle SMS, data plan for blackberry etc) and they always charged partially... I think based on how many days you used it.
  • how about the blackberry?..how did you unlock that, I have a blackberry here, and I've been wondering how to gett the aim, internet, and emailing working, because I have an unlimited prepaid sim card with those three features, so please get back to me on this..please..
  • So, the author should kindly update his article and not spread such rumors, please! What is unclear is, if google releases an update to android OS, whether I will get it automatically or not. And if not, what will I have to do to get the update. I have read somewhere that the updates are over the air (OTA), which means some sort of internet connectivity is needed. Not sure if they can do it over WiFi.
  • so pretty much all i got to do is get the data plan log in my g1 then the next day ill cancell it
  • this doesnt even work
  • Delete this article please. You don't even need to have the data plan in the first place kid. You can: 1) boot the G1 up in safe mode (bypassing the login) 2) setup your wifi 3) login 4) restart in normal mode 5) ?????? 6) prifit
  • Can you please help me with these steps? I'm totally confused.
  • it's not normal to find a big problem to activate the g1 mobile without data plan.the expert's htc may give us the solutions to use this mobile so it's no normal................!!!!!!!!!!
  • how iz dat safemode thing done
  • No asshole i tried it and it didnt even work so stop telling people lies.
  • I can't believe you didn't even research the subject. A simple google search shatters your statement. Your personal experience is based off of simply turning on an ebay phone with your sim card. Who would buy the G1 before finding out if it even works on his/her sim? YOU (syn. retard)======================================================================================================= google: g1 without data plan
  • hahhahaha!! i bet the poster feels so stupid right now! probably acting like he aint checkin his comments. Go and blog your nonsense elsewhere basement dweller! You are the reason the government wants to take away free speech!
  • i got the g1, unlocked it buying a code online, thn activated the gmail account but my money is getting over very fast when i browse online, i try to connect to wifi but it says obtaining ip address, and thn disconnected, i want to cancel the data plan and use only wifi, how can i do that, i dont want to see the edge sign on top.........please help
  • I did the same. Cancelled hours after activation, but I was unable to do it online it says it's required, so I called in. I was only charged under a buck. Phone works awesome on wifi. As for Release updates I am unsure at this point.
  • how you think if i take sim from my friend(g1 to) & put it in my g1!can i activate like this?
  • you can take any Sim with the same provider (such as Att,Tmobile)and the sim has to have internet (data plans) and you can put it in your phone , activate it, now insert your sim, and there you go:)
  • well my 2 g1's work just fine without any plan services..im able to go online and check my emails and surf the web..plus connecting to any wifi when im driving or any place that im at
  • Are you able to get apps without the data plan by using wifi?
  • ok i boght a sim card and called becuase my g1 will not sign in the rep said i needed a data plan but i jus spent money on this sim card now they want me to buy another sim they buggin! then while on the phone with these morons she made me reset my phone now i cant even make calls... how can i bypass that? i need the help please!
  • I want to know the steps to sign in to my google account without data plan?
  • did u ever find out how to?
  • Yes it will. You need a USB cable and the Dev software. Just did it today :)
  • Iight i got a G1 on prepaid it says 3G in the cornor n everything but i cant use internet or aim or get apps how do u make the internet work without a wifi connection lik it worked at first jus fine internet aim apps then it stoped after a day how do i make it work all da time???
  • Had data plan on my g1 on the tmobile prepaid and I haven't paid my bill in a over a week and my internet works fine. Get like me.
  • Had data plan on my g1 on the tmobile prepaid and I haven't paid my bill in a over a week and my internet works fine. Get like me.
  • Correction, I don't have a bill technically but I haven't refilled my minutes for the phone...and my internet is still working fine, check emails, youtube works and etc....
  • so i got the g1 like two days ago..it was a family members before i got it..she had the rite plan for it and everything..so she gave it to me and i put my sim card in it. restored everything to factory settings. wen i started it up. it took me thru the google login prosses. created a acount and it was working fine..two days later (today) i was clearing up space on the app manager.after i was done i noticed my contacts were gone. i tryed to get them back from my sim card or sync from google. but google wouldnt let me sign in..i couldnt even add a contact manually. so i took out my sim card. restored factory settings again. put my sim back in and started it up. it took me thru the google login prosses again. but still wouldnt login. now im stuck in the damn google setup prosses and cant do anything with my phone. wats the problem??
  • did you ever figure out how to get pass this step ? because im in the same situation ...
  • But what about MMS? Will this still work if you cancel the data plan?
  • where do ii qo to qet the g1 plan and cancel iit afterwards
  • theres nothing i can do with out paying the money
  • I just received my G1 yesterday. It was delivered as a handset exchange because my Sidekick Lx broke. Anyway, a couple of days before I got my G1, I called cust. care and they told me that all I would need to do when I got the phone was cancel my Sidekick data plan and add the G1 plan. So I did, and they tell me since I have a FlexPay account that I have to pay around $70 for the data services or I have to wait til the end of the month to get it for $25 or $35.
    I'm really mad because now I have a G1 and can't even use it, which sucks.
  • How do I use the internet without the data plan while having wifi?
  • What if i have t-moble can i still use the wifi
  • i have the g1 i cant do nothing on it i want to make it prepaid n still have wifi n internet aim. etc how can i do that? i have a prepaid chip that has a sidkick plan on it? i dono what 2 do some 1 help
  • I just got the G1 i hav the username and stuff but everything on the phone works fine except mms....anyone have new apn settings to make it work without the data plan?
  • is there any possible way to skip the gmail part, get into the phone and start wifi,then go back to setting up the email?
  • Thats crazy you basically have to waist another 40 dollars just to use the G1 you should have better plans for it and say this on your commericals. Stop doing a poor job advertising. Pretty soon tmobile is gonna loose their customers because their representives suck. They dont even know how to do their jobs then how the hell did they get one.
  • all yall niggas is dumn!!! all yu gotta do is find somebody that got internet and put there chip in. make your google account then switch yours back
  • OMG it works!!
  • you are the smartest person that has posted so far, great answer
  • what is the problem here. all you had to do is hit the menu button when the logon comes on it will say something about wireless apn's or something then you just go there and instead of apn choose wi-fi... connect it using your wireless internet connection..
  • Thanks for sharing this valuable information. Intuition made a great deal of this information suspect, but now we have some empirical evidence for our beliefs.
  • nikkas just gt a friend wit a G1 put it in YOUR G1 sign in nd then put your sim card in the g1 babam worx
  • I've been using my G1 for over a year now WITHOUT a data plan. You have to root it and use the sdk telnet to open the wifi settings.
    This should help get you guys started: http://androidforums.com/support/6564-activate-stock-g1-over-wifi.html
  • have the g1, took the data plan off, wanna use the internet w/o paying, how do i go about it? HELP!
  • Wifi!!!!
    works perfectly.
    I set up my G1 without having DATA PLAN
  • YOU CAN USE THE HTC G1 (TMOBILE) WITHOUT A DATA PLAN. Options: 1. Sign up with TMobile's Data Plan. Register your phone. Once everything is working, call TMobile to cancel your data plan (the same Day!! cost 1-time $30). Now you are unlocked on TMobile, but still linked to your GMail etc. Got Wifi Settings to start using Wifi. 2. Buy an unlocked G1, slip an activated SIM card (Tmobile) update your phone, take out the sim card, insert yours and you're ready to go. Again- move on over to Wifi settings etc. 3. Follow this setup - you will need 1x Stock G1 running cupcake, this phone has no root modifications on it.1x USB cable. 1x SD card, at least 128MB. downgrade to version RC29 of Android, download here http://www.megaupload.com/?d=31K3JS3S
    ADB for your computer:
    Linux Download
    Mac Download
    Windows Download
    Windows Only:
    Windows Drivers for Android (XP only) --End Setup-- 1. Ensure that your SD card is formated FAT32, and place the DREAIMG.nbh, that came out of the DREAIMG-RC29.zip file, in the root directory of the SD card. (No, DREAIMG is not a typo.)
    2. With the phone off, insert the SD card into your G1.
    3. While holding down the camera button, turn on the phone.
    3a. You should see a rainbow screen, followed almost immediately by a gray screen. (mileage and colors may vary)
    3b. One of the lines on the phone should read: "Press power button to start update image".
    3c. Press the power button
    3d. Wait for the entire process to complete, do not interrupt! It will tell you it is done updating.
    4. Reboot phone. Download the appropriate ADB file for your system, if you're on a Windurrs machine you'll need to download and install the Android drivers as well. Ok, we're done rolling back to RC29; and we have access to the 'sploit which gives us terminal access without seeing the terminal. Until I tell you to later on, do not touch the screen for any reason. During the rollback process the screen has turned into hot lava and will burn your hand if you touch it. If you can't resist, and touch the screen not only will you be sans one digit but you get to reboot your phone and start over. You should now be at this screen: 5. Hit , type "reboot"(no quotes), and hit enter again.
    5a. If all went well your phone just rebooted, yay good thing!
    6. We're back to the last screen.
    7. Plug your phone into your computer using your USB cable.
    8. If you mistype this step or it doesn't work(because you mistyped), you'll need to reboot your phone and try, try again.
    9. Hit , type "setprop persist.service.adb.enable 1"(no quotes), hit
    9b. If all went well you should get an error message saying something like "cannot dial 7387767 7377478.7378423.232.362253 1, it's not an emergency number. This is a good thing, we hope.
    10. Set your phone down.
    11. Open a terminal on your computer, and navigate to the folder containing the adb file you downloaded earlier.
    12. If all is well, you should be able to type "adb" and get a big screen of options.
    13. Type "adb devices".
    13a. You should see the following: 13b. If all you see is "list of devices attached", and nothing below it, reboot your phone and move back to step 8.
    13c. type "adb shell" (no quotes)
    14. Copy and paste "am start -a android.intent.action.MAIN -n com.android.settings/.Settings" into your terminal.(no quotes)
    15. If your copy+paste-fu is strong, you'll see this screen: 16. Hit "Wireless Controls" (The screen is no longer hot lava)
    17. Now you're at: 18. Hit Wi-Fi settingsm you're now at: 19. Turn on your wifi, and configure your network as necessary.
    20. Hit the back button until you are back to this screen: 21. Run the standard setup instructions. If all went well, you should now see: Congratulations, you just stuck it to the man and activated your G1 without the data package. credit 2 u Swizz and WilluPark for this info
  • if its unlocked will you still need a data plan. please email me at f123222@hotmail.com
  • Am currently abroad and i just locked my fone I inserted a foreign sim and it says something about wrong data connection,the phone is locked tho...left my tmob sim in kansas so Am doomed! anyway I can skip the email setup? my fone is unlocked tho
  • Activating the Phone Over WiFi WITH a SIM but No Data Plan: 1. Turn on the phone, you will get a Touch Here to Begin Screen. 2. Open the phone’s keyboard and hit enter once then type the following on the phone’s keyboard: setprop persist.service.adb.enable 1 3. Then hit enter. 4. Hit enter AGAIN and type the following on the phone’s keyboard: telnetd 5. Then hit enter. 6. With the phone still plugged in and the command prompt still up on your computer screen from the ADB process, type the following in the command prompt on your computer with hitting an enter at the end of each line: cd\
    cd AndroidSDK\Tools\
    adb devices *this should bring up a serial number if your phone is connected, if not then redo the setup ADB process. 7. Now, in command prompt on your computer, type the following with hitting enter at the end of each line: am start -a android.intent.action.MAIN -n com.android.settings/.Settings 8. On your phone should pop up the Android Settings screen, you can now choose a Wifi network to connect to then hit back and finish the activation process over Wifi. Enjoy!
  • Im havin problem connectin my g1 2 my computer in setup mode. when i hit enter and type reboot it does reboot. but wen i hit enter and type "setprop persist.service.adb.enable 1" notin happens. it doesn't connect or anything. and wen i go to cmd and type "adb devices" or "adb" or anytin else in da step from Anonymous it says "is not recognize as an internal or external command". I already format downgraded and root it, but wen i reset it and it goes to the screen were it tell you to "touch the android to begin" nothing else works but to reboot it.
    can someone please tell me what im doing wrong and write down the steps as easy as possible and as descriptive as possible cuz im still a little confuse about the steps. Thnx i really appreciate your helps
  • Just a note that on a T-Mobile pre-paid sim I was able to activate by going to my.t-mobile.com and switching the plan to sidekick. After the plan switch, log in with your google account.. the data connection is established and everything works. Switch back to pay as you go, and you're out a total of one dollar.
  • i gott the same screen and i really need help.. my g1 wasnt letting me sign in, it kept saying it was the wrong password when it wasnt.. so i rebooted my phone and now it really doesn't let me sign in. no matter what i do. i can't get a data plann and cancel it. i just want to sign in. i can get internet afterward.. HELPPPP PLEASEE !!!!!!!!!!!
  • My old contact ended a while back and I want to get a nice android smartphone but my parents don't want to pay like $30 for internet every month. Is there a way that I can upgrade and do the same thing? (Cancel the internet same day and still have a functional HTC hd2?) Or do I have to do something else to do that? Please reply ASAP.