G1 Makes Cover of Consumer Reports

T-Mobile's Google Android phone, the G1, may not have cover-girl looks, but is still sexy enough to make a splash on the cover of the January 2009 issue of Consumer Reports magazine. This is a most excellent tip with a very special thanks to one of our forum members, Dr. Tyrell ('Blade Runner' reference duly noted and appreciated!). Thanks Dr. Tyrell!

As noted by Dr. Tyrell, the G1 and the iPhone 3G are recommended as "best choices for multimedia use." Below is an excerpt from Dr. Tyrell's post found here in the Android Central forums:

"I will just note that they primarily looked at voice quality, ease of use, talk time and PDA features. The G1 was knocked for some things that should be coming soon such as Exchange support, document editing and video capture."

Good work on spotting this one, Dr. Tyrell! It's nice to know that the G1 and Android are getting some cover time.

Brian Hart#AC
  • Where can I get the SILVER G1 on the cover? :) ,Michael Martin http://www.googleandblog.com/
  • Gee, I made the home page of Android Central! Made my day. :) I bet the silver G1 was Photoshopped from a black one to make the cover look better. The G1 in their ratings is black. What I would like to see is custom rear covers like on the developer model. Maybe some enterprising artist will buy a bunch of covers and paint them.
  • I cited Android Central and Dr. Tyrell in my post today on G1 2008 reviews - http://www.googleandblog.com/g1-android-2008-assessment/3425/ Please let me know if I left anything out from the report. Thank You, Michael Martin Google And Blog
  • thank you for your information. Hope to know more information from it.