The G1 is Capable of Multi-Touch ?

We had mentioned in passing that we heard that the G1 was capable of multi-touch before. We loved multi touch in our hands on video with the iPhone 3G. And we'll continue to pine for it until we receive it. And what do you know? There is a fairly credible report that proves that there is multitouch capabilities in the T-Mobile G1.

The driver for the touchscreen apparently had some code commented out -- RyeBrye and folks were able to re-enable some of the commented out code and then, voila, multitouch. What do we think? First, whoa. Second, the bigger issue is that if the G1 is capable of multitouch, then why no multitouch in Android? Logic points back to patenting issues with Apple. But more interestingly, could we begin to see unofficial multitouch usage? Obviously apps would need to be programmed to accommodate such gestures but boy, it'd sure be cool.

[RyeBrye via CrunchGear]

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Casey Chan