Froyo update brings Gmail bug to many

If you recently received your Froyo OTA, you may want to check to see if you're affected by a nasty little bug in the Gmail application by which any secondary accounts don't sync automatically.  Users of the Nexus One, HTC Desire, Droid Incredible, Sprint Evo 4G, and Droid 2 seem to be equally affected, so this is likely an issue across the board and we'll see more reports as more devices get upgraded.  What's most frustrating is that while this bug affects Android, it's not part of Android itself, so the community can't take a look and find a quick and dirty hack while waiting for a more permanent fix from Google -- the Gmail apk is closed-source and Google property.

There are myriad fixes floating around, but they seem to be temporary at best.  The only true fix at this time is to use a third party mail client, like K-9 mail to sync the secondary GMail account via IMAP.  The bug's been filed, be sure to chime in at the source link and let the Googlers know if you're seeing this one.  In the meantime, links to install K-9 are after the break.  [Google Mobile support] Thanks Artur!

Download K-9 from AppBrain (opens in new tab)

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  • This isn't just for secondary accounts. My primary (and only gmail account) stopped syncing. I have to clear the data or hit refresh. PITA for sure. Using OG Moto Droid.
  • Really? Not affecting my 1 and only Gmail account here.
  • Just delete secondary account and then recreate. Worked for me.
  • He doesn't have a secondary. Only a primary.
  • Is your Gmail account set for imap, and do you have pop turned off?
  • I think this Froyo nonsense is nothing but hype !!! My wifes Droid recently got its OTA and I see nothing to be so excited about ?? her phone is basically the same as it was and even has a bit more lag now with froyo than without ? her phone was better off without it , nothing but hype to get people sucked in , I hope it NEVER comes to my Droid X, the phone is GREAT without it
  • cea1203: If your wife's Froyo upgrade didn't bring noticeable speed improvements in web browsing, then you may need to do a hard reset. Some have reported that this ended up being necessary for whatever reason. I know I followed the device and afterwards saw blazing performance in surfing the web. The engine used to browse was revamped for Froyo. It's not hype at all.
  • Also flash! It works on my EVO! I did a hard reset after updating to froyo and everything worked much better. The sense calendar has a bug when editing events but it's not too bad. I get more force closes than I did. Especially in messaging. Last thing for EVO 4g users, I'm in Orlando, so we have 4g working. It's soon to be official. If your experiencing sluggishness with the 4g radio on, go to settings>system updates>update profile. Update your profile, it fixes the problem.
  • If you can't see any noticable improvements from Eclair to Froyo, methinks you'd be better off in Camp Cupertino.
  • I noticed this bug as well a few weeks ago.
  • my droid 2 is working fine.
  • Ditto. I have a D2 w/ two gmail accounts setup and both appear to work seamlessly.
  • Well lucky I only use 1 Gmail account, this still has me excited for Froyo on the Vibrant...
  • Luckily for me, my secondary accounts are just that...secondary. My priority mail goes to my main account.
  • Droid 1... working just fine
    Except for that ex that BUGS me lol
  • Yes my evo is affected, and yes im still waiting on a fix.
  • EVO w/ Froyo OTA. Only my primary Gmail account syncs. Being new to android, I just assumed Google didn't want me using anyone else's email. :D But manually dealing with my other accounts on both phone and computer is a pain, and I look forward to a fix. In the meantime, I'll try K-9. Thanks.
  • As someone who has run a (software) test services company, the bugs from Google software are increasing and reflecting serious problems in testing management, methodology, and/or resources. It's not just Gmail, it's across a much broader range of apps. My guess: their test engineer to software developer ratio is either too low or management is not enforcing software quality standards. In any case, it's not a good trend (IMHO).
  • I have three gmail accounts on my Sprint Hero running CM6, and all three sync flawlessly. I am running the newer version of Gmail with the pop out reply and forward box, so maybe that's why mine works fine.
  • I'm on froyo OTA for incredible, and I also picked up the newer version of Gmail w/ the pop-out reply box. No problems here with syncing my 2 gmail accounts. see comments for download links
  • It's not a Froyo specific issue and also affects the google talk application. Google has to do something asap!
  • I have not noticed this issue with my N1 and Froyo. I didn't wait for the OTA (manually installed the latest version of Froyo) and I also installed the latest gapps APK.
  • Yet another bug in Froyo. But where is the update. So many bugs have been discovered, but I'm not seeing any announcements of what is being done about it. I'm starting to get tired of this. The calendar and now email applications have serious bugs in them. Not good.
  • Froyo, latest Gmail, Three accounts on Nexus One. Not seeing this problem. Have different notification tones for each account, and when I send
    mail to them all, I get three notifications in quick succession whether the phone is sleeping or not. One account lags the others consistantly by 15 seconds. The accounts are all set for Imap and pop is disallowed. You should always disallow pop with gmail and always set for secure connections (https) only.
  • It's not affecting my gmail account but it won't sync my yahoo account so I'm using the yahoo mail app
  • What a bunch of drama queens. OMG I have a bug that I didn't know I had til I saw a blog post with a bunch of people overreacting. Nothing is perfect. It will be fixed soon. It's really not that serious. You complain about updates not coming fast enough. Then when they are sent out quicker with a few bugs, all of a sudden they should test better and take their time getting us updates. You can't have it both ways. So, you have to make an extra click to check a SECONDARY email. Cry me a river. If it were that big of a problem,we would have heard about it before now. No problems on my EVO 2.2, latest Gmail update. Now, relax for a SECOND,and REFRESH. Pun intended.
  • This isn't affecting only the secondary accounts (check the first message of the article... "This isn't just for secondary accounts. My primary (and only gmail account) stopped syncing. I have to clear the data or hit refresh. PITA for sure. Using OG Moto Droid.
    Thumbs Down
    Thumbs Up By rogersab1223 on Mon, 09/13/2010 - 10:59" The problem is even more serious if you are using the android phone for your work and having sync problems. I have a friend having the sync problem and is having issues with his clients. Since someone is paying in europe 500-600 euros (650-770 us dollars) to buy a smartphone is expecting to work in most cases flawlessly! Minor bugs are acceptable, but this one is not minor.
  • I agree. This is Google's own app. It ought to be a showcase of how to do things right. Its pathetic. The regular mail app is equally lacking. K-9 is really the only mail app out there that is worth didly squat imho. It has bugs too, but it handles Gmail accounts better than Gmail does. And Imap and Exchange too.
  • I think it's funny that the people who wait for the OTA updates get stuck with bugs. While us "rebels" who use the leaked versions (specifically on the Droid X) have no issues.
  • I would love to have that picture as an
  • I think ADW or LauncherPro lets you use custom icons, if I'm not mistaken.
  • Yes! Finally, it has come to light and I'm not just going crazy. My secondary gmail account only syncs with a manual refresh on my Evo since the froyo update. Who's to fix this?
  • I actually had this problem from the Desire 2.2 OTA up untill 3 days ago when it spontaniously fixed itself! :o
  • Is this why google listen won't recognize my google account?
  • I've had the Desire 2.2 OTA since is was made available in the UK and have no trouble with either GMail, Hotmail or my carriers own pop e-mail? Guess I got lucky...
  • I was having the same problem on my HTC Dinc – 2.2 Froyo, but I figured out it was because I had activated the PRIORITY feature in my Gmail. Once I deactivated it, all went back to normal and emails synced perfectly. alp
  • Og droid is running great. No sync issues. Set plugins to on demand in the browser so flash doesn't run until I want it to.
  • This is a froyo upgrade problem across all HTC devices: This needs attention.
  • What I can say is I'm now able to sync my Windows Live account - Email/Contacts/Calendar (both ways) in my N1. I just had to activate my N1 with a google account that has my Live email account as primary. This is just fantastic!