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Froyo still leads Android versions

The latest Android versions numbers are in, and it remains relatively unchanged from last month. Android 2.2 continues to dominate at 63.9 percent, up from 61.3 percent from the previous two weeks or so. Gingerbread builds of Android 2.3 and 2.3.3 are up a tad to 0.8 percent and 1.7 percent, respectively. Android 3.0 Honeycomb remains unchanged at 0.2 percent, which doesn't say much for sales of the Motorola Xoom, which so far is the only device officially running that build. We'll look to see if that changes now that the Wifi-only version of the Xoom is available.

Android 2.1 dropped a couple percentage points to 27.2 percent. Android 1.6 and 1.5 are at 3.5 percent and 2.7 percent.

So Froyo rules, there aren't too many Nexus One and Nexus S devices out there in the in overall scheme of things (they're the only ones officially running Gingerbread so far), and the Xoom and Honeycomb are just getting started. More data's at the source link if you're into that sort of thing. [Android Developer Blog]

  • Who is Android for? It is FOYO~! ;)
  • The next smartphone device to have Gingerbread will be the flagship HTC device on sprint our new member to the Htc Evo family the Evo 3d then all the other android devices will follow. Sprint rules android
  • The GS2 and Experia Play may be out first.
  • Sprint press release said it would be out this summer, and no doubt will be a hit. The Galaxy S is rumored to receive Gingerbread starting middle/end of April. If this is true, already 2 leaked betas have appeared, by the time the Evo3D launches most of the rest of the world with a GalaxyS (except US) will be on Gingerbread. I will be on it as soon as a custom ROM is built from official release. ;) So, I predict that International GalaxyS (GT-I9000) will be the first non-Google phone to receive 2.3.x. :D
  • Expect those Gingerbread numbers to spike sharply when the Evo 3D is released.
  • Think so? I doubt it. It may sell well but in the large scheme of things it will barely be a drop in the bucket. When the international Galaxy S ( 8 Million+ phones) receives 2.3.x that will be a noticeable tick on this chart. Then all the Samsung haters can can just wait like everyone else. ;)
  • I wonder why 2.1 is still so high, i can't think of any major devices still on it. Besides the Vibrant (never got an OTA) and the Fascinate.
  • Moto junk devices.
  • parts of europe are stuck on 2.1 (SE mini and mini pro for example)
  • Andr3w- Galaxy S devices such as the Fascinate are still on 2.1 which is why the percentage of Eclair is still high. You answered your own question!
  • The leaked Verizon road map puts the release of the Galaxy S 2 in May. I wonder if Verizon will update my Fascinate to 2.2 after that release just so they can make it look better...I feel like I'm always going to play this game since I upgrade in July/August...
  • Major carriers are either choosing not to update older phones or there just hasn't been enough newer phone sales to create a large enough change. I think people are happy with their phones and don't want to shell out premium laptop prices for a new phone or don't want to get into a new contract because, frankly the latest wave of phones are not that great. Give us a reason to want it, manufacturers and carriers!
  • The more phones being released means the more phones need support. And it takes time to upgrade each of them so as more versions of android come out the more people will be endlessly waiting for their update. And this waiting period will grow exponentially unless google controls the fragmentation of android which was mentioned on ac a few days ago.
  • When will froyo and the next version come for xperia x10?....=/
  • I believe as of 3 days ago, the SE ARC is officially out and running 2.3.3
  • Xperia Neo / Arc / Play all run Gingerbread and were all released for sale March 30th in Hong Kong...i picked up the Neo! First time Android user here!! Hope my blackberry doesn't get jealous!
  • I'm not sure if its honeycomb or motorola, but I'm not sure I'm liking the xoom. I wish it had half the capability and customization of my evo running froyo. I am really on the fence about returning it and waiting till june for the 10" HTC device.
    It could also be about just being patient since in my opinion this device an os were released too soon, ie: no SD card support, had to wait on flash player, doesn't play Wm files. I shouldn't have to be trying this hard to things when the previous os (froyo) did all this with no problem.
  • I wonder how many of the 2.3.3 devices are running on CM7? I think google should be donating to Cyanogen.
  • Froyo is pretty solid so its good a majority of the devices are running it
  • I still think that Google is making it difficult for mobile phone companies and smartphone producers to ruin Android OS. Some sort of code written that makes it hard to screw it up with bloatware and such. And that is why the updates are taking so long, I mean Gingerbread was released last year. So glad to see Google playing hardball with the people that ruin Android.