Froyo coming to the HTC Aria tomorrow, says AT&T

AT&T has posted news on its Facebook fan page that the HTC Aria will be updating to Froyo (Android 2.2 -- remember it?) tomorrow. The little Android device was AT&T's second Android powered phone to enter their stores. Since then, consumers have been waiting to see if the Aria was going to be getting a Froyo update.

The Aria's newer second cousin, the Samsung Captivate, is expected to be getting Froyo today. From reading through the Facebook fan page comments, owners really mostly want the Captivate to update already. How about you guys? Are you still rolling with an HTC Aria? 

AT&T has also posted a interview with Dante Martin, AT&T's Android Senior Project Manager. Video after the break! [Facebook] Thanks, Greg K!

Andrew Melnizek