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What you need to know

  • Frictional Games are the developers of horror games like Soma or Amnesia: The Dark Descent.
  • Frictional has been teasing some new game for a few weeks now.
  • A new unlisted video shows a brief clip of what could be this next game, while a woman says "I am Tasi."

Recently, Frictional Games has been teasing some sort of new project with a series of ARG clues and unlisted videos. The latest teaser however, is something far more concrete. It's a video, simply called I am Tasi. The short video has a woman telling herself "I am Tasi" before we get a very brief glimpse of what could be the setting for the game.

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You can see the unlisted video below.

Given the studio's history, it will almost certainly be a horror title of some type. Exactly what it is about, or even what the name of the game will be, remains to be seen. We'll continue to provide updates as time goes on.

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