Free US Internet Access To Interfere With T-Mobile 3G Networks? FCC Says No

Hey, it looks like we're getting a step closer to free broadband Internet access for all in the United States. The FCC just announced that they will apportion some of the wireless spectrum for free Internet Services across the nation.

T-Mobile is worried that the proposed launch in the 2155 MHz to 2180 MHz band would interfere in their 3G Network (2100 MHz). But tests have been conducted and science has spoken, T-Mobile has nothing to worry about. There will be no harmful interference, no problems.

We at Android Central would like to say to T-Mobile, "Hey, why worry about your 3G Network being bothered when you don't even have a 'real' 3G Network set up yet. Step your game up, then start talking!"

[via Gizmodo]

Casey Chan