From the forums: Should you buy the Pixel 3 or Galaxy S9?

If you're shopping around for a smaller-sized Android phone this holiday season, the two phones that should be at the very top of your shopping list are the Pixel 3 and Galaxy S9. Both phones have the latest processing tech, great displays, and fantastic cameras.

We already have a full comparison between the two devices that you can check out here, but for some further input, we decided to check in with the Android Central forum community to see what others are saying.

Here are just a few of the responses to someone asking if they should switch to the Pixel 3 from the S9.

Had a Samsung Galaxy S9 and switched over to the Pixel 3. Couldn't stand all the duplicate and unused apps that you couldn't uninstall or disable on the Samsung phone, and the zillions of settings that appeared in multiple places in the Settings app. I mean, Bixby, come on Samsung. For any given Google app, Samsung will do their own version, and not let you remove it from the phone if you prefer...


I had three Galaxy phones, S7 being the last. I replaced that with the P3. So far I'm glad I did. I have found a few things that Samsung had which was not native Android that I missed. I've made up for that with other apps though. Top three reasons I did not buy another Galaxy. 1: each prior one started to run like a dog within a year 2: I got fed up with having Samsung and carrier apps...


I should mention that the Pixel 3 series doesn't have a notification LED if that's a deal breaker for you

Mike Dee

I think the main reason to pick a Pixel is for the camera and software. I'm a software junkie and love getting all the latest updates and major releases. if those don't matter to you, the S9 may be fine. It has a pretty good camera also.


What say you? Should you buy the Pixel 3 or Galaxy S9?

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