OnePlus 2

Every discussion about the OnePlus 2 (just like the One before it) is going to revolve around the process of requiring an invite to actually buy the phone. No matter how much you're a fan of the design, features or software, when it comes to just buying a OnePlus 2 you've gotta stand in line, sign up to be considered or bug your friends on social media.

But what if the invite system is actually a good thing? zachthebomb13 raises an interesting discussion in the OnePlus 2 forums:

I actually like the invite system. People complain when they order their phone, then have to wait up to eight weeks to actually get it (iPhone 6 anyone?). This way you don't have to give them your money until they are ready to get you one.

Point is, people will complain no matter what. At least this way you keep your money a bit longer, and can just not order it if you find out it's a dog.

Sure we'd all prefer that there were hundreds of thousands of OnePlus 2s manufactured and ready to ship as soon as you click "buy," but in reality these logistics are really tough and the alternative to invites may be plopping down money and being backordered for weeks or months. Not every company has the logistics figured out, and OnePlus has an interesting way of handling it.

Well, what do you think? Is the invite system a good way to handle this situation? Or would we be just as upset "buying" a phone and waiting several weeks for it to ship anyway? Let us know in the comments, or continue on with the original discussion in the forums!

OnePlus 2