Flash exploit enables root for latest Evo update

Although that latest OTA patch for the Evo 4G had some launching quirks, you can't deny that it brought some great things for our beloved Evo – better battery life, improved exchange sync support, and overall just a more stable system. There is one thing behind the curtains that not everyone’s aware of though, and that’s the fact that it completely crushed our precious root exploits. As to be expected, a lot of people were upset about this, and a $600 bounty was put up for whoever could crack the code. Luckily, the “leetest of the leet” over at XDA finally figured it out, and the path they took was somewhat of a surprise. Achieving root through a Flash cookie exploit has never been done before, so it marks yet another milestone hurdle the Evo clears. Fortunately enough for all noobs, the process isn’t really all that complicated. Just make sure you know your ADB’s. [XDA via DaringFireball]

Adam Sawyer